Are Studex earrings good?

Studex has a whole line of ear piercing products, from earrings to caring for piercings. … These earrings are great quality, and ready to wear out of the packaging, as they are carefully sealed. They are also good quality, and are nice and sturdy with metal backings.

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Correspondingly, what are Studex earrings made of?

Sensitive by Studex® is the high fashion earring solution for people who suffer from nickel sensitivity. Each classic style is made of the highest quality surgical stainless steel and karat gold. Each style is safe enough to be worn every day, guaranteed.

Moreover, are Studex earrings real gold? All Studex earrings made from yellow gold or white gold are also nickel-safe. Titanium is a natural material which is very corrosion resistant, hard and comparatively light. Medical titanium is used for high-quality surgical implants.

Beside this, is Studex system 75 a gun?

According to the STUDEX company, this ear piercing gun may only be sold to traders who have presented their trade license! Discover the benefits of ear piercing with the Studex ear piercing guns. Studex System 75 provides the ultimate in hygiene and sterility in ear piercing.

What gauge are Studex piercing earrings?

These are nice and sturdy earrings. Beforewarned though, they are thicker than normal earrings. Someone else said in a review they were 18 gauge but to me they seem closer to 16.

How do you remove Studex earrings?

Hold the front of the stud steady with one hand, cupping the bottom of your ear lobe with your finger. Do not pull down on your ear lobe. Use your other hand to pinch the stud backing between your index finger and thumb. Pull the back out of the earring gently and quickly, keeping the stud in place.

What kind of earrings for very sensitive ears?

The cause of sensitivity to earrings is actually an allergy to the reactive metals that most jewelry is made with. Now that you know that, you simply have to look for earrings made with non-reactive metals. Easy right? Always choose earrings made with pure titanium, niobium, 24k gold, or 24k platinum.

Is gold or stainless steel better for earrings?

Generally speaking, Stainless steel and titanium will appeal to users who are comfortable with the more generic body jewelry pieces and are not predisposed to allergy reactions. … For people who have heightened sensitivity and are predilect to allergy reactions, gold is the better option.

Can you sleep with stud earrings?

The only time it’s safe to purposely sleep in your earrings is if you‘re wearing the studs from a new piercing. Studs may not pose as much risk as other types of earrings, but it’s still possible that hair, clothing, and fabrics from your bedding could wrap around these earrings and cause issues.

Should I get my ears pierced with a gun or needle?

Having your piercing artist using a piercing needle is classed as safer for your skin as the piercing gun is classed as blunt force trauma. This can damage the soft tissues in your earlobes. Overall, the piercing needle is usually the better option for most people.

How do you use Studex System 75?

Can you use Studex on a nose piercing?

Studex After Piercing Lotion is a must for use straight after your new piercing – and throughout the healing period. A pH balanced solution, this lotion acts as a flushing agent; as well as soothing and promoting healing. … Apply the Piercing Lotion to the nose up to 3 times per day, on the outside only.

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