Are there retainers for industrial piercings?

Industrial Barbell Clear Retainer Bioflex Ear Piercing Bar Jewelry 14G 38mm 1.5″ Made Of Flexible Bioflex Material. Size: 14 Gauge With A Length Of 38mm (1.5″). All Items Are Nickel Free, Autoclave Safe, And Hypoallergenic.

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Furthermore, what is the best jewelry for industrial piercing?

Circular barbells, labret studs, and captive rings all work well in industrial piercing holes if you do not want to wear a standard barbell. There’s also a really neat piece of jewelry called a spiral that can be twisted in and out of both holes to wrap around the top of the ear.

Also to know is, how do I keep my industrial piercing from closing? Use glass or quartz retainers

Clear glass or quartz jewelry is perfect for keeping the earholes of newly pierced ears open and discrete. While it is far from invisible, it is only detectable with reasonably close inspection.

Regarding this, how do you keep a piercing from closing without jewelry?

How do you keep your ear piercing without wearing an earring?

  1. You can use quartz retainers or clear glass. …
  2. Apply concealer. …
  3. Take off your earrings when necessary. …
  4. Cut the ball off in a small and less expensive post earring. …
  5. Use small earrings that match your skin tone or a stem. …
  6. For what is worth.

What gauge is industrial piercing?

Piercing Standard Gauge Standard Length
Industrial Barbell 14G (16G is also commonly used) 1 1/2″ (varies)
Labret Lip Rings 14G or 16G 1/4″ , 5/16″, and 3/8″
Monroe Piercing 16G 1/4″ , 5/16″ and 3/8″
Nipple Piercing 14G 3/8″ , 1/2″, 9/16″

How long does it take for an industrial piercing to heal?

about 2-3 months

What else can I put in my industrial piercing?

Alternatives to an Industrial Piercing bar

  1. Anti-helix-piercing.
  2. Anti-tragus-piercing.
  3. Conch-piercing.
  4. Daith-piercing.
  5. Rook-piercing.
  6. Scapha-piercing.
  7. Snug-piercing.
  8. Vertical-helix-piercing.

Can I change my industrial after 3 months?

This can be painful as well as slowing healing time. Instead, you will usually want to start with a longer bar. You can switch to more snug fitting jewellery after 2 to 3 months, at the end of the initial healing period.

Should I move my industrial piercing while cleaning it?

–Never spin the jewelry, move it back and forth, or move it while you’re cleaning it. The jewelry may feel tight or like it’s not moving around and that is OK. It will move around on it’s own. –In your shower, avoid any shampoo, conditioner or soap on the piercing.

Will my industrial piercing close up after 3 years?

If its new or fairly new like a couple of months to about a year, yes. It may take longer but for me after having it pierced for about six months, it closed in 24 hours. If it is older like a few years, eventually it will, if you leave the jewelry out.

Can I take my industrial piercing out if it’s infected?

Moving the jewelry around can increase swelling and irritation, as well as introduce new bacteria into the holes. The barbell should be completely off-limits except during cleansing. It might also be tempting to take the barbell out to check out the jewelry or as a way to better cleanse the area.

Can you sleep on an industrial piercing after it’s healed?

Healing an Industrial Piercing

You want to avoid sleeping on an industrial piercing because it adds additional pressure on the jewelry. It will be more likely to have scarring if you sleep on it. You‘ll also need to try and avoid snagging it or catching it when brushing your hair.

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