Can I change my earrings after 2 weeks?

Changing the earrings on your newly pierced ears too soon increases your chances of exposing the piercing to infections, causing irritation and even rejection of the new earrings. You should change your freshly pierced ears after at least 6 weeks so that the density and type of tissues in ear lobes heal completely.

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Regarding this, can you wear small hoops on newly pierced ears?

Here’s the thing, it’s recommended that you avoid hoops and dangles for 6–12 months because their weight is too much for a new piercing, they’ll tear the new skin and may tear further into your earlobe if they’re heavy enough. Take the hoops out, clean them and stash them in your jewelry box for a while.

Accordingly, can you get hoops as your first piercing? Most piercers will not pierce with hoops or use hoops for initial jewelry (except for maybe a daith piercing or if they know their client and the way they heal really well) because hoops cause extra pressure on the wound and are generally more difficult to heal.

Moreover, can you put a hoop in a new ear piercing?

If you‘re going for a conch piercing, start with a stud (hoops can put pressure on the hole when it’s new and be super irritating) and make sure the post on the earring isn’t too long at the back. Some piercers leave studs so long they’re like an antenna which catch on everything.

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