Can I change my tongue piercing after a week?

Have you ever asked yourself – When can I change my tongue ring? The answer is that you need to wait several weeks till the piercing heals. Regular jewelry cleaning and good oral hygiene are necessary to avoid any complications during that period.

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Consequently, what happens if I change my tongue piercing too early?

Removing the stud too soon can increase your risk of tears and infections. The hole may also close up if you remove the jewelry too soon. Once the time comes to remove the jewelry used for the piercing, it’s best to see your piercer.

Also, can you change your tongue bar after 2 weeks? You should definitely wait until at least the swelling has gone down. Some piercers recommend changing the bar after two weeks. Just because the swelling has gone down does not mean that it’s a safe time to swap our rings. It is recommended that you wait a full 4-6 weeks until the tongue is healed.

Keeping this in view, how do you know when your tongue piercing is healed?

In general, a person can expect to experience the following stages as their tongue piercing heals:

  1. After the piercing: Days 1–3. Immediately after the piercing, the wound may feel very sore and irritated. …
  2. Swelling and inflammation: Days 4–10. …
  3. Early healing: Days 10–30. …
  4. Scarring and complete healing: Weeks 4–6.

Why does your tongue turn white after you get it pierced?

If you (or your teenager) have just had a tongue piercing, you might see a white coating on your tongue. It’s normal bacterial growth that you can reduce with antifungal mouthwash, like Nystatin (like Nystop®).

Can you give oral with a new tongue piercing?

Usually piercing will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely. … This includes avoiding oral sex while your piercing site is healing. Do not have things like chewing like chewing gums or mints while the tongue is healing is also advisable.

Can I change my tongue piercing after 3 weeks?

Changing Your Piercing Safely and Effectively. Wait 4 weeks before removing your initial piercing. Tongue piercings generally heal in about 4 weeks, though this varies from person to person. Do not try to change your jewelry before your piercing is fully healed.

How do you clean a tongue ring?

Bring a small saucepan of water to boil and let your tongue jewelry sit in the boiling water for two to three minutes. During this time, you could rinse with a mouthwash, brush your tongue, or practice other oral health hygiene. Alternatively, you can soak your tongue jewelry in rubbing alcohol for 10 to 15 minutes.

Can I put my tongue ring back in?

If there’s no problem, they’ll simply put it back in for you (probably free of charge too). If they decide it really has closed up, they’ll most likely recommend you to wait a few weeks for it to fully heal before coming back to them to have it re-pierced. Don’t try to force it back in.

How long should a tongue bar be?

In terms of length, 5/8? is the standard size for tongue barbells. You were most likely pierced with a 1? straight barbell to allow for swelling. If you find that to be a comfortable length for you to wear even after your tongue heals, then purchase a new tongue ring of the same size.

What happens if tongue bar is too long?

Can I damage my teeth or gums? Yes, you can. Much like lip or labret piercings, tongue piercings also have the potential to cause damage to your teeth. … Since most damage comes from wearing jewelry that is too long—such as extra-long barbells rubbing against gums, biting the barbell, playing with the jewelry, etc.

Can you brush your tongue after piercing?

A soft-bristled toothbrush designed to reach into small places without being rough on the area is the best kind of toothbrush to use after getting a tongue piercing. Although a soft-bristled brush is less harsh, be sure to brush around the piercing gently and carefully during your regular oral care routine.

What does having a tongue ring mean?

The idea behind getting a tongue ring was to honor the Gods and by inflicting pain, showing one’s honor. Tongue piercing began as a religious practice more than an artistic or decorative practice. … It is also sometimes a worry for people that a tongue piercing can cause dental issues and teeth chipping and wear.

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