Does Anne Love venom?

Eddie has a deep bond with Anne since she’s his ex-wife, but Venom becomes a growing obstacle between the two of them. Venom appreciates and understands how important Anne is to Eddie. Venom solidifies his support for Anne when he briefly makes her his host in order to help save her life from an injury.

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Similarly, how did Anne Weying die?

Weying commits suicide after spotting Spider-Man webslinging in an older black costume at a time when the regular red and blue suit had been stolen. She leapt from her high rise apartment to her death.

In this manner, does Eddie Brock marry Anne? Anne and Eddie eventually married, and while he became a journalist for the Daily Globe she became a successful lawyer. … Eddie informed Anne that the Venom symbiote could heal her, but she refused – blaming it for his transformation into a monster.

Subsequently, who is the love interest in venom?

Ashley Kafka

Did Venom and Eddie have a baby?

Unwittingly revealing that Dylan was his son, Eddie manifested a Necrosword from his symbiote and killed Dark Carnage, absorbing both the Venom and Grendel symbiotes.

Is Eddie Brock in love with venom?

The symbiote loves Eddie. The symbiote has outright stated it’s love for Eddie in the curren Venom run, but Eddie doesn’t seem to reciprocat the symbiote’s feelings to the same extent. Eddie cares for it, but also doesn’t completely trust it.

Who is Venom’s dad?


Will Eddie and Annie get back together?

While the two don’t get back together and Annie is still with her new boyfriend, Doug the doctor (who has actually proven to be a pretty reliable and understanding guy throughout this whole endeavor), they do leave on much better terms then when they first split up.

Is Eddie Brock a bad guy?

The answer to whether Venom is more hero or villain lies in the distinction between Venom’s two halves. While the Venom symbiote is often a villain, Eddie Brock is an antihero.

Why does carnage hate venom?

It’s part of the evil symbiotes’s culture to raise the offspring with hatred. The Venom symbiote did changed quite a lot, but that’s how it behaved back then, and that’s why it hated its offspring.

Can Venom beat Thanos?

No, Venom can not defeat Thanos.

Is anti venom a good guy?

Is AntiVenom a good or bad guy? He’s a Lethal Protector, but leaning more towards a good guy. It’s Eddie trying to redeem himself.

Does venom have a crush?

Venom is also known for his on-point jokes, sarcasm, and perhaps gossiping because later on, he revealed to Spider-Man that Captain Marvel did indeed have a crush on him.

Will there be a she-venom?

Venom 2 release date: When is Venom Let There Be Carnage out in cinemas? Before all the delays started, the sequel was due in cinemas on October 2, 2020 before being shifted to June 25, 2021. That date didn’t stick though and in March 2021, Sony pushed Venom: Let There Be Carnage back to September 17, 2021.

Is the Venom symbiote female?

While we never got to see the original female version of Venom, Eddie Brock’s ex Anne Weying did at one point bond with the symbiote to become She-Venom.

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