Does Kareena Kapoor have a tattoo?

This one is inconclusive or just a real mystery but Kareena Kapoor Khan has been spotted with some ink on her arms that suspiciously looks like her zodiac constellation on the upper arm and a soundwave tattoo on her forearm.

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Considering this, does Ranbir Kapoor have tattoo?

3) Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir’s tattoo on his right wrist is a tribute to his grandfather’s movie ‘Awara’ that was released in 1951. The young lad holds a reputation for being someone who lives his life on his own terms and the tattoo definitely makes sense.

In respect to this, what celebrities have 17 tattoos? 6. Angelina Jolie. Angelina, an American actress, and filmmaker has at least 17 known tattoos.

In this way, what tattoo does Akshay Kumar have?

Akshay Kumar has at least three tattoos. His kids’ name Aarav and Nitara onhis back and Tina (inspired from his wife Twinkle Khann’s name). Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has a delicate vine circling around her left ankle,. The tattoo ends atop her foot with her initials, ‘DP’ written under it.

What does Hrithik Roshan tattoo mean?

Hrithik Roshan The charm of Bollywood got Star inked along with his ex wife Sussanne on their wrist. … The symbol is a six point star which represents of interaction of the divine with the mortal as per the Star of David.

Does Alia Bhatt have a tattoo?

Alia Bhatt: Shaandaar actress Alia Bhatt is known for her frank and fun-loving attitude. The ‘Pataka Guddi’ of Bollywood got herself inked right below her nape. The tattoo has ‘Pataka’ written in Devnagri script.

Is Deepika removed her tattoo?

Deepika Padukone Has Removed Her Permanent ‘RK’ Tattoo After Her Wedding With Ranveer Singh.

What does Varun Dhawan tattoo mean?

Varun has a tribal tattoo inked on his left shoulder, which he has copied from his idol and Hollywood Superstar, Dwayne Johnson. This tattoo signifies the ancient Samoan tribe to which Dwayne Johnson belongs.

Does Anushka Sharma have a tattoo?

Anushka Sharma is wearing a tattoo in a very provocative area of her back in Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. It adorns her hip and looks tantalising to say the least. What is interesting is the story behind the special line she has inked.

Does Emma Watson have a tattoo?

Emma Watson does not have any permanent tattoos. … From a fake tattoo at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010 to her “time’s up” tattoo that had a typo, Watson is not shy about using tattoos to get a message across. She has said that she would never get a permanent tattoo.

Which singer has the most tattoos?

Nikki Patterson

Can actors get tattoos?

Like any other personal characteristic, a tattoo can change your casting. If someone needs an actor with a tattoo/several tattoos for day/extra work on a film, it’s cheaper to hire an actor who has a tattoo than to pay for makeup.

Does Hrithik have tattoos?

Hrithik Roshan

In 2009, the actor got Khan’s name tattooed on his left wrist as a birthday surprise, and to reciprocate, Khan got a pair of angel wings on her arm with Roshan’s name. … While Roshan hasn’t altered his tattoo since the divorce, Khan has added a quote alongside her star tattoo: “Follow your sunshine”.

Does Saif Ali Khan have tattoos?

Actor Saif Ali Khan is back home in Mumbai after spending a long, peaceful time in Himachal Pradesh. … However, what caught everyone’s attention was Saif’s new tattoo. Saif had a large new tattoo on his left arm. It showed a couple of pyramids, encasing an eye.

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