How bad does a Medusa piercing hurt?

Does it hurt? Yes. But everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so just how much is hard to say. The area around your philtrum is packed with nerve endings, so it’s bound to hurt more than, say, your earlobes.

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In respect to this, why do people get Medusa piercings?

The location of the Medusa piercing helps accentuate the shape of your lips and draws attention to the lower half of your face. Because it typically hosts smaller jewelry, people with many different face shapes can rock this piercing to its fullest.

Considering this, does a Medusa Piercing go all the way through? While body piercings like the Madonna piercing or the Monroe piercing are on the sides of the upper lip, the medusa piercing goes through the center of the upper lip. Sometimes you can add multiple piercings to this area if the philtrum groove is big enough.

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