How do you ask a girl for her piercing?

Ask her why she has her ears pierced like so and tell her that as a partner that the number of piercings she has is not attraction point but you would like to see how she looks with out it. Don’t push the subject if she gets uncomfortable though, or else she’ll go and find someone else who’ll love her for her.

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Accordingly, can you express with nipple piercings?

After giving birth, these glands produce milk whether or not you have a piercing. But while having a nipple piercing doesn’t stop the production of milk, having a piercing could slightly interfere with your milk flow. This doesn’t happen to everyone.

Similarly, how do I tell my mom I got a piercing? 7 Ways To Tell Your Mom You Got A Piercing Without Her Permission

  1. Don’t. Just wait until you see her and see if she notices.
  2. Call her. Tell her. …
  3. Tell her while you’re yawning so she can’t understand you.
  4. Tell her it’s fake. …
  5. Tell her about how bad you did on your last test first so a piercing is nothing in comparison.

Beside above, how do you convince your mum to let you get a piercing?

Tell your parents you want to have a serious conversation.

Set a time and day with them. You do not want to bombard them with information, but rather, set aside a particular time in which serious discussion can take place. Don’t: mention the piercing yet.

Do nipple piercings make your nipples hard forever?

Do pierced nipples stay hard forever? “No, the nipple will not stay erect, but it will be more pronounced.”

Are nipple piercings harmful?

Potential risks include infections (or even breast abscess formation), nerve damage, bleeding, hematoma (a blood-filled cyst), allergic reactions, nipple cysts, and keloid scarring (raised, red scarring). Unfortunately, nipple piercing is also associated with hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection, and even HIV.

Do nipple piercings get infected easily?

Nipples are sensitive tissue and connected to milk ducts. A nipple pierce is more likely to get infected than some other types of piercings. Infections can happen well after you get your nipple or areola, the darker ring around the nipple, pierced.

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