How do you become a tattoo artist apprentice?

How Do I Become a Tattoo Artist?

  1. Be an artist. This is the first and most important step. …
  2. Build a portfolio. …
  3. Find a certified tattoo artist-mentor who will take you on as an apprentice. …
  4. Learn the trade. …
  5. Get certified. …
  6. Find a shop to work in.

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People also ask, how much do tattoo apprentices make?

Tattoo Apprentice Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $84,500 $41
75th Percentile $50,000 $24
Average $53,586 $26
25th Percentile $30,000 $14
Keeping this in view, is it hard to get a tattoo apprenticeship? Finding a piercing apprenticeship can be just as difficult as finding one with a tattoo artist, but the requirements are a little different. You’re not going to be expected to have the same artistic talent, so you won’t need a portfolio. You do, however, still need to attract the attention of your potential mentor.

Similarly one may ask, should I get tattooed by an apprentice?

Apprentice work is more of a gamble. It’s ok if you have so many tattoos that you won’t notice a bad one. Good luck and just remember, if the apprentice was ready, they would no longer be an apprentice. … That being said, the one tattoo I have that was done by an apprentice came out so-so.

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