How do you use an aftercare fine mist piercing?

With the fine mist application, you can apply the saline solution directly to the piercing and let it soak. Once done soaking, pat the area dry with a clean paper towel or let the solution soak into your skin.

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Just so, what should I use for piercing aftercare?

Packaged sterile saline is a gentle choice for piercing aftercare. Mixing your own sea salt solution is no longer a suggested practice from the APP. We strongly encourage you to use a sterile saline labeled for use as a wound wash.

Moreover, how do you clean piercing spray? There are two possible ways to use sea salt spray: spray it on your piercing, or soak your piercing in it. If you want to spray it on, you can either apply it directly to the new wound or spray it on a cotton swab or cotton ball and then rub that gently over your piercing.

Besides, what does NeilMed piercing aftercare do?

Piercing Aftercare-Prevents Infection and Promotes Healing.

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