How do you wear a hoop nose ring with a gem?

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Keeping this in consideration, which way does a hoop nose ring go in?

In this manner, how do you put in an open hoop nose ring?

Secondly, how do you put on a nose hoop?

How to put in a hoop nose ring

  1. With clean hands, pull the two ends of the ring apart, using plyers if you need to. …
  2. Carefully insert one end of the hoop-ring into the piercing.
  3. Press both ends of the hoop to lock the ring together.
  4. If you have a beaded hoop ring, place the bead back on the hoop before closing.

How do you put in a nose hoop segment?

First, push the segment to the side by holding the hoop in which the segment portion is located and positioning it at the top. Use your one hand’s index finger and thumb into grabbing the segment while you steady the bottom of the ring with the other hand. Push the segment gently on one side until it pops out.

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