How much does discraft pay Paige Pierce?

Paige Pierce

She absolutely dominates the Female Pro Open Division. Like McBeth, she also signed a lucrative deal with Discraft and is growing her own signature line of PP discs. In 2019 alone, she has totaled $33,630 in prize money, and has career earnings of $223,683.64.

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Hereof, why did Paige Pierce switch to discraft?

Paige has decided to pursue other opportunities in disc golf, and while we had planned on a long, prosperous partnership with more World Championship titles and signature discs to come, we have decided to amicably part ways.”

Moreover, what team is Paige Pierce on?
Discraft | Elite

Also, do pro disc golfers have other jobs?

Most will have jobs, and the lucky few will earn royalties for having signature discs, or very slight performance bonuses from sponsors. Face the fact that pros are not going to earn a viable living long term playing disc golf, at least not at q level significantly above the poverty line.

What is Paul McBeth net worth?


Net Worth $4 Million
Real Name Paul McBeth
Date of Birth July 9, 1990
Birth Place Huntington Beach, CA
Profession professional disc golfer

What putter does Paige Pierce use?

The Fierce

What does Calvin heimburg putt with?

Calvin Heimburg

Category Mold Plastic
Midrange Roc3 Luster
Putter Aviar KC Pro
Putter AviarX3 DX
Putter Rhyno Champion

What release does Paige Pearce use?

wrist-strap release

Who is Paul McBeth sponsored by?


How much does Simon Lizotte make?

His career earnings are $161,717.04 (as of December 2020) and is currently sponsored by Discmania. He has been noted for holding the disc golf distance world record on several occasions.

How much does Ricky Wysocki make?

His career earnings are $436,213 (as of April 2021). Wysocki is a 2 time PDGA – World Champion and is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world, holding the highest PDGA rating currently, ahead of Paul McBeth.

Where did Paige Pierce go to high school?

PLANO, Texas – A young Plano woman is making a living playing disc golf. Paige Pierce travels the country in her van competing in more than 20 tournaments a year. The Plano East High School graduate started playing at the age of 4 and went pro at 18. This summer she won her fifth world championship, making her the No.

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