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How to Visually Imitate a Belly Button Piercing Without Actual Piercing

This is a guide on how to create the look of a belly button piercing with non-piercing body jewelry, and also, on how to make non-piercing body jewelry. This information is useful for teenagers whose parents won’t let them get a real piercing, for people (of any age) who don’t always want a piercing, and for people who have a low pain tolerance.


  1. 1Use false eyelash glue for gluing the jewelry onto your skin. It’s gentle, but effective, and it’s meant to work with skin.
  2. 2Use small 3-dimensional (3-D) “gem” stickers or small craft gems for the top part of a belly button ring (the part that’s placed just above the navel). Make a metallic sticker by sticking a Dazzle Tape (also called Dazzle Dot or Twinkle Tape) sticker over a 3-D sticker. Cut small slits around “Dazzle” sticker in order to better wrap it around the 3-D sticker.
  3. 3Make a bright, plastic-like stud navel jewel. Use a small 3-D sticker for top part of the jewel, and a somewhat larger one for the bottom part (which goes into the belly button). Use nail polish or craft paint (and a small, slim brush) to paint stickers. Use clear nail polish to coat stickers if the craft paint you’re using is matte. This creates an attractive plastic-y effect. Paint a little design (e.g. star, heart, stripes, dots,animal print, etc.) on larger sticker. Use glow-in-the-dark nail polish to create a glow-in-the-dark-effect. Paint a few coats of it onto the two stickers for the best effect; this is great on scary images such as skulls (stud or dangly) and on neon-colored jewelry.
  4. 4Make a silver (or gold) and gem stud navel jewel. Make a small metallic sticker for top part of jewel (see step # 2 for how to do this). Use a medium sized (or even large) craft gem or 3-D metallic sticker to glue into your navel. Avoid overly large stones (e.g. 10 mm.), unless you’re a belly dancer.:-). Also, try delicate, graceful crystal design stickers for the bottom part of jewel.
  5. 5Make a dangly navel jewel. Use Dazzle Tape, or 3-D stickers, and gems or beads. Use silver, gold or black thread for the dangling, or even use transparent thread for a trompe l’oeil, floating effect. Cut smallish piece of thread (e.g. 2 inches long), and stick one end of thread between 2 Dazzle stickers (or a 3-D sticker and a Dazzle Dot). Stick gems and stickers towards the other end of thread with Scotch tape or a Dazzle sticker. Make jewel as long or short as you like (but it shouldn’t be longer than 1.5-2 inches!). Form thread into a loop shape to string a bead (or beads) onto it. Use a small metallic sticker or a small gem for top part of jewel (just above the navel). Make a dangle jewel with two or three threads, if you like.
  6. 6Make a top dangle navel jewel by gluing the dangly jewel just above your belly button instead of inside it.
  7. 7Make a logo belly button jewel. This jewel is a lot like the plastic-like stud navel jewel, but the bottom part (that goes in your navel) is a bit larger and has a word or picture in it. The picture is often of something that is popular in our culture, such as a celebrity, cartoon character, or symbol (e.g. Chinese writing, Zodiac symbol), ” Find images on the Internet (say, on a graphics or images Web site such as Select it (on the Web page) with your mouse, and right-click it. Choose the “Copy” command, and open a Word processing program on your computer. Right click in the white space and choose the command “Paste”, so that the image will appear. Format the image by making it small (say, 0.5 inches by 0.5 inches), and print it on paper. Cut it out and cut it into a circle shape, and stick it onto the back of a larger 3-D sticker. Coat with 2-3- coats of clear polish.
  8. Use craft wire to make a dangly chandelier jewel. Make it in a way that’s similar to a dangly belly jewel, but use wire to make a dangly, swirly heart or circle on which to hang thread and small gems.
  9. Use craft wire to make a loop navel jewel or a horseshoe ring. Shape wire in to a small circle (to make loop). Twist remaining wire around loop to seal, and snip off the rest of wire. Add small gem or pendant, and stick on with a Dazzle Dot sticker. Shape a short bit of wire into a round U shape for a horseshoe ring, and add small gems or 3-D stickers to each end. Secure these two types of jewel with a Dazzle dot, cut in half to be smaller, and stick just above your navel.
  10. 1Make a navel jewel that’s like a little snow globe. Use a smallish, transparent no-slip stopper that’s dome shaped. (these “stoppers” are those items people put on the inside of, say, cabinet doors so that the doors don’t slam noisily). Use a small, slim brush to paint little shapes (e.g. stars) on the back of the stopper. Paint a bit of glitter paint on the back of the stopper. Make sure the glitter paint is the “clear with glitter” kind, not the opaque kind. Stick something transparent and sticky (e.g. Scotch tape) on that back of the stopper (after the paint has dried). This will “seal” the jewel. Put this jewel in your navel, not above it.

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