Is anti-tragus piercing painful?

The antitragus piercing is considered one of the more painful piercings. Many say that it’s more painful than other cartilage piercings that they’ve gotten in the past.

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Also know, what does the anti-tragus do?

What is a Bridge / Antitragus Piercing? An antitragus piercing, or antitragus piercing, creates a perforation on the inner cartilage of the ear proximal to the earlobe that faces the “tragus”.

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In this way, how do I protect my tragus piercing?

DON’T touch the piercing unless you’ve washed your hands to avoid getting bacteria in the area. DON’T use any soap, shampoo, or disinfectants on the area for the first day after the piercing. DO gently rinse any crust with warm, clean water and gentle, unscented soap.

Can you go deaf from a tragus piercing?

A tragus piercing would not damage your ear drum. I seriously doubt that a piercing could effect you hearing unless it developed one hell of an infection. Even then, is expect serious damage to the outside of your ear (like, do you still have that ear at all?) before it effected your ear.

What hurts more conch or tragus?

Different parts of the ear are bound to hurt more than others because the flesh varies – the ear lobe is generally considered the least painful piercing whereas cartilage piercings, like the helix, tragus, conch and so on – will usually be more painful because it’s tougher.

Do tragus piercings help you lose weight?

Can a tragus piercing help with weight loss? No, that’s a myth. There are rumours flying around about how different forms of ear stapling can assist with weight lossyou can read about them here – but we‘re skeptics on that theory.

Why does my anti tragus hurt?

Outer ear pain can most commonly be caused by environmental conditions such as water exposure or extreme cold weather that can lead to frostbite of the outer ear. Other causes for ear tragus pain include irritation from obtrusive objects like cotton swabs or fingers.

How long does anti tragus take to heal?

three to nine months

Do Tragus bumps go away?

Piercing bumps can be caused by allergies, genetics, poor aftercare, or just bad luck. With treatment, they may disappear completely.

Do tragus piercings get infected easily?

The tragus is a favorite place to get an ear piercing, and while it can look great, this type of piercing can easily become infected if it is not cared for properly.

Can I sleep on tragus piercing?

We would recommend not sleeping on it for the first couple of months. Travel pillows can come in handy to prevent pressure.” Since the tragus piercing might swell quite a bit more than other ear piercings, a ring would be much more challenging to heal, as it may not accommodate room for swelling.

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