Is Piercing Pagoda part of Zales?

Zales Outlet is launched, giving the corporation 13 locations in premier outlet centers nationwide. Online shopping is launched at Zale expands with two major acquisitions: Peoples Jewellers of Canada and Piercing Pagoda.

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In this regard, is Piercing Pagoda legit?

Piercing Pagoda has a consumer rating of 2.4 stars from 5 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. … They have locations in malls all over the country, and claim to be clean, safe, and experienced in pediatric piercing.

In respect to this, can I bring my own earrings to Piercing Pagoda? There is no harm in bringing your own earrings provided they are light in weight and not too heavy for you to carry as it pains after the piercing is done .

In this manner, is Zales high quality?

Zales diamonds are low quality and they capitalise on the naivety of buyers and the popularity of their name. Whiteflash, James Allen and Blue Nile all offer large inventories of quality diamonds, complete with high-res imaging/video and diamond certificates.

What pagoda means?

: a tower in eastern Asia usually with roofs curving upward at the division of each of several stories and erected as a temple or memorial.

Is 10K gold real?

10 karat gold is made up of 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy, or 10 out of 24 parts gold. 10K gold is the least pure, least expensive and most durable form of gold used in jewelry. … Since it has the lowest gold content of any type of gold, 10K gold is also highly durable.

Does Piercing Pagoda use a needle?

The needles are used only once: if you get both ears pierced, they use one needle per hole. Because most of the piercing gun is plastic, it cannot go into an autoclave.

Is middle of the mall jewelry fake?

The jewelry is real, however it has very questionable quality. I call it fools gold, not because it is gold plated but because it is usually very thin. … However, you can get solid gold pieces at a higher price than what they show you initially.

Can I change my earring after 1 day?

Changing your earring after 1 day of it getting pierced is a painful and dangerous ordeal. Not only are you exposing the flesh wound to dirt and bacteria but also increasing its healing period. By changing your earrings this soon, you are prone to get the piercing infected, especially if your hands are dirty.

Can I pierce my ears at Walmart?

You can get your ears pierced at Walmart for $9.99 plus tax.

Does Piercing Pagoda sell real diamonds?

Check out our endless collection of CZ, real diamonds, 10K & 14K gold, and sterling silver jewelry. … Visit our brand new VIP Collection featuring more diamonds and heavier metals than ever before!

Are mappins and peoples the same company?

Two of the U.S.’ biggest diamond sellers — including the owner of Canada’s Peoples Jewellers and Mappins — have agreed to a multi-million dollar marriage of convenience.

Is Zales and Peoples the same company?

The Zale

Location of the original Zales store in Wichita Falls, Texas
Parent Signet Jewelers (2014–present)
Divisions Zales Gordon’s Jewelers Peoples Jewellers Mappins Piercing Pagoda

Is Zales and Gordon’s the same company?

Together the two retailers make the world’s largest specialty jewelry retailer. Signet is the parent company of Kay Jewelers and Jared. Zale operates Zales, Gordon’s and Piercing Pagoda in the U.S. and Peoples in Canada. … Signet, based in Bermuda, operates two other units the same way.

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