Is Studex good for piercings?

Studex is a great product if you just got your ears pierced. … this works great for any piercing that you need to clean.

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Herein, is Studex ear piercing safe?

Yes! All Studex ear piercing systems are safe for ears of any age. … All Studex ear piercing studs and hoops are packaged and sterilized to meet or exceed U.S. FDA standards and EC European regulations.

Just so, how do you use Studex advanced piercing aftercare? HOW DO YOU USE STUDEX ADVANCED? As far as how you use the Studex Advanced, you simply spray it on your piercing. Spray it on the front of your piercing, spray it on the back of your piercing… twice a day.

One may also ask, what is the best piercing aftercare?

Best Sellers in Body Piercing Aftercare Products

  • #1. …
  • BRIOTECH Topical Skin Spray, Pure HOCl, Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare, Sea Salt Cleansing Solution,… …
  • Steri-Wash Aftercare Piercing Spray 3 oz. …
  • Urban ReLeaf Piercing Solution ! …
  • 4oz Piercing Aftercare Spray. …
  • INVERNESS After Piercing Ear Care Solution 4 oz 2 pc Set.

Should you twist a new piercing?

Twisting the piercing breaks the newly forming flesh! Think of this as ripping off a scab on a healing wound. … Don’t touch your healing piercings unless you have CLEAN disinfected hands! Twisting your piercing can also cause it to become irritated, inflamed, and could cause the piercing to migrate or heal crooked!

How do you sleep with a newly pierced ear?

Since you must leave studs in if you have new ear piercings, you can try sleeping on your back instead to help ease your headaches.

Can you use Studex system 75 without gun?

The most important thing to remember is that it is NOT A GUNyou WILL have to squeeze through flesh – not good for wiggly kids or squeamish adults. PROS: It is cheap and you have a pretty large selection of earrings to choose from. I used it just fine on myself for a 2nd piercing and am pretty happy.

Why is piercing with a gun bad?

2 – Piercing guns cause blunt force trauma to earlobes: Most piercing guns aggressively force blunt ended studs through the tissue of your ears which is painful and unnatural, and can cause serious damage. This process simply forces the stud through your ear, wedging the jewelry between irritated and now-inflamed skin.

Are Studex safe?

ARE STUDEX EAR PIERCING SYSTEMS SAFE? Yes! All Studex ear piercing studs and hoops are packaged and sterilized to meet or exceed U.S. FDA standards and EC European regulations.

Can ear piercings heal in 3 weeks?

Some people can change their earrings after 3 weeks without feeling any pain, meaning their piercing wound has recovered. However, others may change their earrings within the same time frame and start bleeding. As stated above, different people heal within different time frames.

How do you apply Studex?

What is Studex ear piercing?

Studex ear piercing products are designed to safely pierce the ear lobe and outer cartilage of the ear. Studex ear piercing products should not be used to pierce other parts of the body.

How can I make my piercing heal faster?

Follow these simple suggestions to ensure a smooth healing process:

  1. Maintain a healthy mind and body. Understanding how your body works is important in the successful healing of a new piercing. …
  2. Get some rest and take it easy. …
  3. Keep it clean. …
  4. Consider taking a multivitamin. …
  5. Get help if something goes wrong.

Is an itchy piercing a sign of healing?

What’s normal for a new piercing

For the first few weeks a new piercing might: be tender, itchy, and the surrounding area may look slightly red on white skin, or a little darker than usual on dark skin.

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