Nose Rings


A nose ring is like a hoop earring. You slide it in and have to try and connect it when it’s inside the nose(Which is really annoying). 

A nose stud normally is shaped like an L. You literally just slide it in and push it down. Simple 🙂 

When you get a nose piercing NEVER GET IT DONE WITH A GUN!!!!!!!! Guns are breeding grounds for bacteria as they cannot be sterilized 100%, and also cause damage to the nose tissue when they clamp down during the piercing. 
With a needle, they will clean the nose then push the needle through from the outside. Then they will take out the needle and really quickly put in the nose stud. 

Once the piercing has been done, you will need to clean it twice a day with sea salt solution. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with a cup of hot water and use this to clean the piercing. It will clean the piercing and act both as a natural cleanser as well as a natural anti-bacterial. 

You can’t change the piercing for 3 months. Never ever use cheap nose studs that you can buy almost anywhere. Get studs from a piercing studio as they will have the best studs you can get, as they will be both high quality and made of top quality material(titanium, surgical steel, gold and silver are the only suitable materials). 

If you want to hide it, get a retainer. it will be a nose stud but it will be clear and made from a special type of plastic that is almost rubbery. Again you can get these from piercers or specialist shops. 

Keep make up away from it for at least a month. if you do get make up on it after a month just make sure to clean it off really really thoroughly to avoid infection. 

A huge misconception with noses is that because of where it is is must get dirty and infected really easily. Wrong!!! So long as you clean it twice a day it will be fine. Just avoid touching it as it will only inflame it and delay healing time. Nose piercings heal up really quickly, it’s just 3 months is normally suggested until you change the stud/ring. 

If you parents won’t sign it can be a problem as most places don’t accept a signature from anyone other than a parent. However, you could always get someone to pretend to be your parent, but they’ll have to look older than 18. I’m sure once you have had it done you parents will be fine. When I got my septum pierced my dad flipped, but now if I leave it flipped up he’ll always asks where it’s gone and says he hardly notices it any more even though it’s smack bang in the middle of my face XD 

Nose piercings are fun little piercings, are relatively painless to get done and heal up, normally without any problems so long as they are cleaned twice a day. If you want it, go for it!!!! 🙂

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