Should I get two piercings at the same time?

Since piercings have become so popular, there’s really no limit to the piercings that you can get. … Besides standard wound healing—swelling, red skin, discomfort—your body will react if you get too many piercings done at once.

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Subsequently, can you kiss with a vertical labret?

No kissing or oral play during healing.

Although this is a common tip for all oral piercings, it’s especially important for the vertical labret since it’s located directly on the lip.

Moreover, can you get your seconds and thirds pierced at the same time? It all depends on what your pain tolerance is. I got my second and third lobe holes done at the same time, and don’t really remember much of the pain. I know they were sore for a while, and I had to clean them religiously, but other than that they were fine. I have a tendency to get piercings in clumps.

Besides, can you get two industrial piercings at the same time?

Since the industrial piercing is simply a combination of two cartilage piercing types, the piercing shouldn’t hurt more than any other cartilage piercing. However, since you will undergo two piercings at once, there will be a little more tenderness than if you were to get one piercing at a time.

Is getting multiple piercings at once bad?

In her opinion, getting multiple piercings at once from a trusted professional is safe but not exactly the best option for longterm wear because of an increased amount of swelling.

How long should you wait between piercings?

If you had an ear piercing recently, it’s a good idea to wait for your piercing to heal before getting a second hole. For earlobe piercings, there’s a six week healing period before you can start swapping out earrings. For cartilage piercings, you have 12 weeks until you can safely change your earrings.

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