What do you do with a belly button piercing when pregnant?

If your piercing has fully healed, yet you choose to remove the belly button ring, the hole might close. To prevent this, you can re-insert the piercing and move it around a couple of times a week. This helps keep the hole open. If this doesn’t work, you may have to re-pierce your belly button after having the baby.

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Also, when should I take my belly button ring out during pregnancy?

And as for getting your belly button pierced during pregnancy, it’s best to just wait until you’re postpartum, as changes within the body, including puncturing the skin (anywhere, for that matter), puts mamas and babies both at a higher risk for complications by introducing unnecessary stressors to the body.

Secondly, does Belly piercing affect pregnancy? Getting your navel pierced while pregnant can result in infection, disease, and harm to the baby. The navel region is not very muscular, and therefore has very little active blood flow. This means that, even if you were not pregnant, the navel piercing would take a long time to heal.

In this regard, do belly button piercings scar after pregnancy?

Pregnancy doesn’t mean your belly button piercing will tear or get infected, but it does mean that the skin around it will change quickly. … As the skin stretches to accommodate the baby growing in the womb, it can leave scar tissue and stretch marks in the pierced area.

Will a belly button piercing close after 5 years?

Answer: Will my navel piercing hole close over? If you still have a piercing hole after five years then its very unlikely it will now close. The hole has formed a “scar” and is now lined with skin keeping the tract open.

Do you have to have a flat stomach to get a belly button piercing?

Do I need to have a “perfectly flat stomach” to get a belly button piercing? … No you don’t, in fact you‘ll like not having a perfectly flat stomach when getting it! One of my good friends from high school got hers done in between dance and softball seasons, and she is extremely thin and toned.

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