What does a Medusa tattoo symbolize?

From Ancient Greek mythology, the story can be interpreted in many ways; to some, Medusa represents female power, freedom, and transformation, but she has evil and jealous qualities to others. … Her reptilian skin and hair could also symbolize a cycle of death and rebirth.

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One may also ask, why would a man get a Medusa Tattoo?

Some people might get their Medusa tattoos to show their vulnerability. Medusa seemed as if she could not be killed but she was just as vulnerable as any human. Many of us, as human beings, come off a little gruff or unapproachable.

Likewise, are Medusa tattoos bad? Perseus kept her severed head and used its petrifying gaze to his advantage in many later adventures. Medusa tattoos are sometimes used as a protective symbol. … Although many people have tried to reclaim the myth of Medusa for women and feminism, it has largely not been effective.

Herein, how much would a Medusa tattoo cost?

Medusa Tattoo is owned and operated by tattoo artists, and we stick to what we really know. We have a shop minimum of $80 on arms or legs, $100 on other parts of the body. Up to about 4”x4” we can often give you a price before we do the tattoo. If the tattoo is larger than this, we charge an hourly rate of $150.

Is Medusa good or bad?

She was punished without having any of her fault and till today we consider her as bad but she was the one who was misused and punished and she was just taking her revenge she was not wrong but wrong had done to her.

Why did God punish Medusa?

Athena’s enraged action of transforming the beautiful young maiden Medusa into a monster as punishment for the “crime” of having been raped in her temple is discussed as illustrating an outcome of the lack of resolution of the little girl’s early triangular conflicts.

Are Medusa tattoos popular?

Symbolism of Medusa in Ovid’s Poem

There’s a lot to say about Ovid’s Medusa story, especially in the feminist context. She is often seen as a feminist icon, and is a popular tattoo with women as a result.

Is Medusa black?

At the time that North Africa’s moon goddesses were usurped by the patriarchy of Greek invaders. Medusa was a serpent goddess in African. Tales say she wore a pouch around her waist that heldlive snakes representing wisdom andrenewal.

What is Medusa the god of?

Medusa represents philosophy, beauty and art. The Medusa head is part of fashion designer Gianni Versace’s symbol. … Perseus the hero slayed Medusa, the only mortal of the Gorgon sisters, by viewing her in the reflection of the mirrored shield of Athena. Perseus then beheaded her.

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