What does a Ta Moko represent?

T? moko – the art of M?ori tattoo – is a unique expression of cultural heritage and identity. In M?ori culture, it reflects the individual’s whakapapa (ancestry) and personal history. In earlier times it was an important signifier of social rank, knowledge, skill and eligibility to marry.

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In this manner, who can get a Ta Moko?

Ta Moko is primarily for those of Maori blood and descent, while Kirituhi is for those of non Maori heritage.

Keeping this in consideration, what is a Kirituhi? Translated from M?ori language Kirituhi means ‘marking the skin’. It is a contemporary tattoo art form based on T? Moko. This tattoo artform is very unique from the perspective of creation, the tattoo tells a story of the wearer and also a story of the tattoo process itself.

Then, what is a Puhoro?

The puhoro is an artistic M?ori design used in a kowhaiwhai pattern. This pattern is a split koru. It represents speed, swiftness and agility.

Why is Ta Moko important?

They have a form of body art, known as moko but more commonly referred to as Maori tattooing. The art form was brought to the Maori from Polynesia and is considered highly sacred.

What does a tattoo on a woman’s chin mean?

Most notably, they were tattooed on the chin as part of the ritual of social maturity, a signal to men that a woman had reached puberty. Chin patterns also served to protect women during enemy raids. … Women, valued as important “commodities” during these times, were highly prized for their many abilities.

Can any Maori get a Ta Moko?

Anyone can get kirituhi, no matter where they come from or their cultural upbringing: they have been created so that M?ori can share their customs with the masses. T? moko, on the other hand, is strictly ‘M?ori only’.

Can you design your own Ta Moko?

Your original hand-crafted Ta Moko designs (Maori Tattoo designs) can be taken to a reputable Tattoo Artist in your own city where you can have your Maori Tattoo designs applied to your skin.

How is Ta Moko made?

The traditional instruments used to apply the moko were uhi (chisels). Uhi produced the deep grooved lines that made M?ori moko unique. These designs were literally carved into the face as if it were a piece of wood. Tattooing chisels were finely crafted instruments, primarily made from the bones of seabirds.

Can Pakeha get moko?

“There have been instances in the 1900s where various kuia P?keh? that have lived a predominantly M?ori life have been given moko by that M?ori community because of their contribution to that community.

Do all Maori have tattoos?

Tattoo arts are common in the Eastern Polynesian homeland of the M?ori people, and the traditional implements and methods employed were similar to those used in other parts of Polynesia. In pre-European M?ori culture, many if not most high-ranking persons received moko.

Can a white person get a Polynesian tattoo?

So can you get a Polynesian tattoo as a white person? Sure you can. And it will bother some people because they have no way of knowing if you participated in that tradition respectfully or not.

What are Kowhaiwhai patterns?

Kowhaiwhai patterns are traditional M?ori art, often found on M?ori meeting houses called Maraes. The Kowhaiwhai patterns are history recorded by M?ori and each tell a story. The colours used on them are traditionally red, white and black.

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