What does a thin blue line tattoo mean?

The Thin Blue Line commemorates the fallen and shows support for the living law enforcement officers, acting as a symbol of the relationship between officers and the community they serve and protect. … To wear The Thin Blue Line is to uphold a similar stance in life, whether or not you’re a member of law enforcement.

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Also question is, what is the thin blue line symbol?

“The blue line flag has long been a symbol of solidarity and pride within the law enforcement community, so much so that it has become a common ceremonial feature at events memorializing fallen officers,” says Jim Palmer, president of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

Then, what does a blue American flag with a blue stripe mean? The thin blue line flag represents the ideals of justice and freedom, bravery and solidarity. Although it has great meaning for the fraternal feelings of police officers for others in the profession, it is not reserved for use only by police officers.

Moreover, does the Thin Blue Line Break Flag Code?

Because the Thin Blue Line flag is manufactured as a Thin Blue Line flag and has not been altered. If you legally acquire a US flag by purchase or gift, then deface or desecrate that US flag, then you violate the US Flag Code.

Why Thin Blue Line is wrong?

Critics argue that the “thin blue line” represents an “us versus them” mindset that heightens tensions between officers and citizens and negatively influences police-community interactions, by setting police apart from society at large. Many activists view it as a symbol of opposition to the racial justice movement.

What does a black American flag with a green stripe mean?

The thin green line is a symbol that is used to show support for federal law enforcement agents such as border patrol, park rangers and conservation personnel. The thin green line is also used to show support for the men and women of our military.

What does a black American flag mean?

In general, black flags are used by enemy forces to signify that no quarter will be given. What that means is that, during war, enemy combatants are going to be killed rather than taken prisoner.

What shade of blue is the thin blue line?

The Black-Blue-Black design is usually seen on a policeman’s personal car or family members car. It stands for the “thin blue line“. There is also a similar one with a red strip for firemen.

What does the full black American flag mean?

What does a black American Flag mean? Black flags have historically been used to signify that no quarter will be given. When translated into modern language, this means that captured enemy combatants will be killed rather than taken prisoner.

Is the thin blue line for all law enforcement?

The “Thin Blue Line” flag, which resembles an American flag but has a blue stripe, is a sign of support for law enforcement but has also come to signal opposition to the racial justice movement and a symbol of white supremacy or support for the Blue Lives Matter cause.

Who falls under the thin blue line?

The “Thin Blue Line” American flag represents law enforcement and is flown to show support for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. This flag is a sign for promoting compassion and support for our nation’s police officers.

Is it OK to fly the flag in the rain?

The U.S. Flag Code addresses the rules for flying flags, rain or shine. … The United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, states: “The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed.”

Is flag burning illegal?

Congress responded to the Johnson decision afterwards by passing a Flag Protection Act. In 1990, the Supreme Court reaffirmed Johnson by the same 5–4 majority in United States v. Eichman declaring that flag burning was constitutionally protected free speech. In both cases, William J.

What does a black and white American flag with a blue and red stripe mean?

The thin red line flag was developed to show support and solidarity with fire service personnel and to honor injured or fallen firefighters. The thin blue line flag was created to show support for law enforcement.

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