What does Calum Best tattoo say?

Calum, who has shared candid shots of his tatts with his 315,000 Instagram fans, also has a crown on his ribcage and the phrase ‘Game Changer’ written along the bottom of his stomach.

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In respect to this, how did Calum Best get famous?

Best has taken part in the reality TV shows Fool Around With on E4 and The Match on Sky One. In 2005 and 2006 he was featured in ITV’s Celebrity Love Island, winning the second series on August 28, 2006.

Consequently, is Calum Best married? Calum Best became known as one of the country’s most famous Lotharios after bedding a succession of famous women during his time in the spotlight. He celebrates his 40th birthday on Sunday, and despite all his best efforts, Calum is still single.

Also know, who is Calum bests girlfriend?

Lindsey Pelas

Is Calum Best George Best Son?

By Ivan Little. George Best’s son Calum has re-opened a bitter rift with his father’s family in Northern Ireland after claiming that he wasn’t invited to the unveiling of a statue of the football legend outside Windsor Park in Belfast last week.

Is Calum Best still single?

Yes, Calum Best is single after Celebrity Ex on the Beach. … And many fans wonder if Calum is still with Megan Rapley, but they are not dating and have stayed good friends.

What is Calum Best Worth?

Calum Best Net Worth

  • Calum Best.
  • Net Worth : $8 million ( £6.5 million )
  • Change : $35,679 – % 0.4 (Last Updated: 06.14.21 )
  • Model.

Was Calum Best on Love Island?

On 7 August series one finalist Calum Best entered Love Island for the second time, where he attracted a lot of female attention, especially from Bianca Gascoigne, with whom he struck up a romance.

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