What does it mean if you have no earlobes?

If your earlobes are unattached, you are a free spirit—which means you yourself are a bit unattached and don’t pay attention to what society expects of you. Free spirits let life take them wherever theyre destined to be because they know that they‘ll be happy wherever they end up.

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Accordingly, what percentage of the population have no earlobes?

Free earlobe was found among 41.1% males and 33.3% females on the left ear and 10% males and 9.2% females on the right ear of the present study.

Moreover, what ethnicity has attached earlobes? In the European American, Latin American, and Chinese cohorts, earlobes were classified as free, partially attached, or attached. An individual was considered to possess attached earlobes if at least one ear was rated as attached.

Simply so, are earlobes genetic?

Attached earlobe: The myth

free earlobes are often used to illustrate basic genetics. The myth is that earlobes can be divided into into two clear categories, free and attached, and that a single gene controls the trait, with the allele for free earlobes being dominant. Neither part of the myth is true.

Are unattached earlobes rare?

Attached earlobes are not rare but are also not commonly found. Earlobes of such type are small in size and are attached directly to the side of the head.

Do earlobes get fat?

While cholesterol and fats are being deposited in the inner lining of the arteries, they can also be deposited in the ear lobes, making them thicker.

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