What does mathira tattoo mean?

Mathira. Mathira’s got a number of tattoos. The first tattoo she got was the one on her chest from Malaysia – it’s the Chinese symbol for luck. Her second tattoo is down her spine and is allegedly a Chinese motivational quote, and she’s got various tattoos on her fingers too including a little heart.

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Accordingly, is mathira single?

Personal life. Mathira married Punjabi singer Farran J Mirza (also known as Flint J) in 2012. The couple has a son, Aahil Rizvi who was born in 2014. The couple got separated in 2018, due to misunderstandings.

Secondly, does Syra Yousuf have a tattoo? Syra Yousuf

This girl has shown she can rock every hairstyle and piece of clothing effortlessly and spectacularly. Adding onto the long list of things that make us love her is her tattoo!

Moreover, does Ghana Ali have a tattoo?

11. Ali Azmat. The sensational sufi rock and rock singer Ali Azmat has been a part of our music industry for decades. Ali wears a tattoo on his upper right arm.

Are tattoos haram?

Sunni Islam

The majority of Sunni Muslims believe tattooing is a sin, because it involves changing the natural creation of God, inflicting unnecessary pain in the process. Tattoos are classified as dirty things, which is prohibited from the Islam religion.

What is mathira vegetable?

The water melon like looking fruit is called mathira and is from the fields behind. It is tasteless and full of water. This is not cultivated but is naturally available because of the rain water.

Does Sonya Hussyn have a tattoo?

Sonya Hussyn Bukharee is a Pakistani actress, TV Host, and model from Karachi. … Today the Aangan actress uploaded new photos on her Instagram handle, in which her tattoo on the arm is visible just like Priyanka has. Netizens started to bash the actress for copying the Bollywood turned Hollywood actress.

Is Tattoo allowed in Pakistan?

For those who aren’t aware, tattoos are considered haram (forbidden) in Islam. There is no specific Islamic verse outlining this point but many people believe wudu (the purification ritual) cannot be completed if you have a tattoo on your body. … However, my reasons for not getting a tattoo in Pakistan are different.

How much does a tattoo cost in Pakistan?

Tattoos are priced according to size. In Pakistan, it costs Rs1,800 to Rs2,000 an inch. Tattoo artists import ink from a US based company, while needles and other disposables are purchased from China.

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