What does Ohana tattoo mean?

Ohanameans “family.” “Family” means no one gets left behind.” This quote is from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch (2002). … It also means that they family sticks together and always support each other. An ohana tattoo is one that includes the text “ohana”.

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Thereof, what is the symbol for Ohana?

The twist symbol that ideally joins all the members together is a symbol of eternal love and indissoluble bond. On the sides, the blank spaces of the motifs form the two words “Ohana” and “Aloha”, which mean “family” and “love”.

Simply so, does Ohana really mean family? ?Ohana is a Hawaiian term meaningfamily” (in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional).

Likewise, people ask, what is the Hawaiian symbol for family?

The turtle is another symbol used to represent family, possibly because they cross the whole ocean to go back to the beach where they were born in order to lay their eggs there.

How do you say no one gets left behind in Hawaiian?

“Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” -Lilo And Stitch.

What does Maui’s tattoo mean?

Maui’s tattoos boast about his exploits, including this one in which he is shown slowing down the sun with his fish hook. The legend says that the sun was slowed from setting so that Maui’s people could get more work accomplished.

Who says Ohana family?

Lilo and stitch

What does tattoo mean in Hawaiian?

In ancient times, Hawaiians referred the art of tattooing as “kakau”. Tattooing for people at those times was a way to express their bravery because of the painful method by which it was done.

How do you use Ohana in a sentence?

Ohana Means Family

  1. Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. …
  2. Ohana in a sentence: “My bruddah is a jock, my sista thinks she’s a princess, my maddah is super embarrassing and my faddah thinks he’s the best at everything. …
  3. Ohana in the movies: Lilo & Stitch (2002) — “Ohana means ‘family.

What is the Hawaiian name for love?


Is Ohana based on a true story?

No, ‘Finding ‘Ohana‘ is not based on a true story. Weng made the film out of a screenplay developed by Christina Strain, who is most known for her extensive work as a colorist on numerous Marvel Comics projects. … The eternal struggle between tradition and modernity is played out on a microcosmic level in this film.

What language do Hawaiians speak?

Hawaii’s Language

Named after the largest island in the archipelago, Hawaiian is the native tongue of Hawaii and was established by King Kamehameha III in 1839. Despite its history and breadth (once spoken by 500,000 people), the Hawaiian language has been almost completely taken over by English.

What represents family in tattoo?

The general meaning behind a family tattoo is the love and bond of family, but every person has a different story behind their family tattoos. Some people get it to remind them about their eventful childhood, and some get it to gain strength as family tattoos symbolize strength and love.

What are Hawaiian tattoos called?


What does the triangle mean in Hawaiian?

These triangles are a symbol of teeth, usually of a shark. We are a poke shop and we eat like the shark eats. This pattern represents the ‘kalo’ fields. … When triangles are assorted this way they represent the spear. The spear is significant in ancient Hawaii because it represents both life and death.

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