What gauge should nipple piercings be?

14 gauge

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Accordingly, what happens if your nipple piercing is too small?

Rings that are too tight will increase the stress on the piercing leading to migration, rejection, prolonged healing, and scarring. With rings, even reducing the width of the jewelry in a healed piercing can cause these problems.

In this manner, does breast size matter for nipple piercing? You will not need to change the size of your bra. The little ring isn’t going to make that much of a difference in cup size, and a snug bra will feel better during the healing process. A little bit of leakage during the healing process is normal.

Likewise, people ask, do nipple piercings make your nipples hard forever?

Do Nipple Piercings Make Nipples Permanently Hard? When you first get your nipples pierced, they are likely to swell up. This effect doesn’t last forever though. Within two to four weeks the nipples should return to normal.

How long after nipple piercing can they be played with?

9-12 months

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