What is the concept of yin and yang?

Yin and yang or yinyang refers to a concept originating in ancient Chinese philosophy where opposite forces are seen as interconnected and counterbalancing. It is commonly represented by the yinyang symbol, a circle made up of black and white swirls, each containing a spot of the other.

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Correspondingly, is Yin Yang or interior?

The concept of Yin and Yang

Yin Yang
thorough superficial
material spiritual
cold warm
internal external
Keeping this in consideration, what is yang energy? Yang (active energy) is the feng shui energy expressed in strong, vibrant sounds and colors, bright lights, upward moving energy, tall plants, etc. You want to have a good presence of Yang energy in your home office, your kitchen, your front door, as well as at a good dinner party with friends!

Similarly one may ask, what is the line between Yin and Yang called?

Strictly speaking, the “yin and yang symbol”, itself popularly called taijitu, represents the second of these five parts of the diagram.

What are the characteristics of yin and yang?

The fundamental characteristics of YinYang are:

  • Opposition. They struggle with and control each other. …
  • Interdependence. They define each other. …
  • Mutual Consumption. Yang (activity) consumes Yin (substance). …
  • Inter-transformation. They become each other.

How do yin and yang work together?

Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. … The yin yang (i.e. taijitu symbol) shows a balance between two opposites with a portion of the opposite element in each section.

Is Yin female energy?

Yin and yang describe the two essential forces inherent in all of nature. The white half with the black dot represents the yang, or masculine energy, while the black half with the white dot represents the yin, or female energy.

What is the yin yang symbol?

The Yin Yang Symbol

The yinyang symbol (also known as the Tai Chi symbol) consists of a circle divided into two halves by a curved line. … The yinyang symbol, then, embodies both sides: duality, paradox, unity in diversity, change, and harmony.

How do you balance yin and yang?


  1. FOOD. Hot foods are associated with Yang energy, so those who are Yang deficient should eat spicy food or hot food like soups and stews and teas. …
  2. EXERCISE. Daily gentle forms of exercise are encouraged to support both yin and yang energies to help bring them into balance. …
  3. SLEEP.

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