What jewelry is best for a tragus piercing?

What Type of Jewelry Is Used for Tragus Piercing?

  • Stud: Small and simple, studs are a great option for tragus piercings, which tend to be tiny. …
  • Barbell: A barbell is an earring with balls on both ends and a bar in the center.

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In this way, do anti-tragus piercings grow out?

You can expect healing times of six months up to one year. As with any piercing, the antitragus will heal externally first, so it may appear fully healed even when it’s not. Talk to your piercer before stopping aftercare practices or changing your jewelry.

Likewise, people ask, how do I protect my tragus piercing? Method 2 of 2:

  1. Wash your tragus piercing in addition to cleaning it with saline rinses while the piercing heals.
  2. Never stick soap deep into your ear canal, and don’t try to press soap bubbles under the piercing or inside the piercing hole.

Moreover, how bad does an anti-tragus piercing hurt?

Pain and Healing Time

Our experts rate the antitragus piercing pain factor between a six and seven on a scale of one to ten, though Lorusso says, “Pain is all relative.” When it comes to healing time, this piercing takes a little longer to heal because of its location.

What hurts more tragus or helix?

Different parts of the ear are bound to hurt more than others because the flesh varies – the ear lobe is generally considered the least painful piercing whereas cartilage piercings, like the helix, tragus, conch and so on – will usually be more painful because it’s tougher.

What side should I get my tragus pierced?


How long until my tragus stops hurting?

Although it can sometimes take around 8 weeks for the wound to fully heal, these symptoms should not last more than 2 weeks. Infection may be present if a person experiences: swelling that does not go down after 48 hours. heat or warmth that does not go away or gets more intense.

How long until you can sleep on tragus piercing?

Akhavan even recommends avoiding using earphones for the first at least four to eight weeks, though ideally until the area is completely healed. And sorry to break this to you, too, but, “for the first two to three weeks, avoid sleeping on your side to prevent friction on the area,” he says.

Is tragus piercing Dangerous?

What are the risks when getting a tragus piercing? … This always comes with some risks like scarring, rejection, over swelling and catching or tearing the piercing but the biggest risk of all piercings is infection.

How do you know if your tragus is rejecting?

Symptoms of piercing rejection

more of the jewelry becoming visible on the outside of the piercing. the piercing remaining sore, red, irritated, or dry after the first few days. the jewelry becoming visible under the skin. the piercing hole appearing to be getting larger.

Why does my tragus hurt so much?

Outer ear pain can most commonly be caused by environmental conditions such as water exposure or extreme cold weather that can lead to frostbite of the outer ear. Other causes for ear tragus pain include irritation from obtrusive objects like cotton swabs or fingers.

How do I get rid of the bump on my tragus piercing?

Can I put ice on my tragus piercing?

A piercing is considered a foreign object to the body, and the piercing hole is essentially a wound that has to heal, and swelling is part of the wound healing process. … You can cool the wound a little and hope the swelling will go down, but do not use ice. I repeat, DO NOT USE ICE.

What does a tragus piercing help with?

What is a tragus piercing? Tragus and daith piercings are novel treatments for migraine headaches and pain. The daith is a fold of cartilage above the ear canal. The tragus is the triangular piece of cartilage below the daith, to the side of the opening.

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