What kind of soap can I use to clean my belly button piercing?

What kind of soap to use for belly button piercing? You can make the use of any ivory bar soap to easily clean as well. When you are cleaning your piercing it is best and good to gently move it all around to prevent your skin from getting healing to the rod/bar.

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In this regard, can I clean my piercing with bar soap?

Do not use shower gel or bar soap to wash your new piercing. Here are instructions on how to properly wash your piercing: SOAP up and gently lather around the piercing. Avoid using harsh soaps, or soaps with dyes or fragrances.

Hereof, can I put Vaseline on my belly piercing? Yes, vaseline and petroleum jelly products are meant to protect the skin. No, you should not use it on your piercing.

Besides, can I clean my piercing with just hot water?

You want enough friction to clean it, but not too much that you cause trauma to the piercing. If you must rotate your jewelry to clean, grab the jewelry and not the piercing. The hot water will also open your capillaries/pores and help flush the area out and bring in oxygen which helps healing.

Is Dove soap good to clean piercings?

DO NOT use moisturizing soaps like Dove and Olay or antibacterials like Dial. These soap additives leave a residue that builds up in piercing and can contribute to irritation bumps.

Is antibacterial soap bad for piercings?

Soaps should never be used directly on or in your piercing. No antibacterial soaps! Dial Gold (and other soap alike) is no longer recommended for use in piercing aftercare.

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