What should I use for piercing aftercare?

Packaged sterile saline is a gentle choice for piercing aftercare. Mixing your own sea salt solution is no longer a suggested practice from the APP. We strongly encourage you to use a sterile saline labeled for use as a wound wash.

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Likewise, people ask, what not to eat after piercing?

Don’t eat spicy, salty or acidy foods or liquids while you are healing. Avoid hot drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Eat cold foods and drinks as they lessen swelling. Be extra careful when eating crunchy foods.

In this regard, do you have to clean piercings after they heal? If your piercing is still healing you should never ever remove jewelry. But even once healed, you don’t need to remove your jewelry to clean the area. You can simple clean around and under the jewelry while it is still in. This is often the case with healing piercings, but especially healed piercings.

Keeping this in view, is Ivory soap good for piercings?

Clean the site with a pure, unscented, non-moisturizing soap such as: Ivory bar soap, Purpose bar soap (dermatologist recommended), or Neutrogena Glycerin Bar Soap. Lather the gem/disk with soap and rinse thoroughly. Occasionally the pierce will secrete a fluid that will dry into a “crust” onto the “gem/disk”.

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