What’s wrong with wearing tapers as jewelry?

They put uneven weight on your piercing. At smaller sizes it may not affect things much, but this uneven weight can complicate healing of stretches and cause new damage to them. Lots of tapers are also made of porous material – pvc, silicone, plastics, etc.

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Simply so, why you shouldn’t use tapers?

Why shouldn’t I wear tapers as every day ear jewelry? Most tapers are designed to be used as ear stretching tools, not as pieces to be worn on a regular basis. Doing so can easily put uneven pressure on your healing ears, leading to unnecessary damage.

In this manner, why do piercers use tapers? These are the long, spiky things you put into your piercings to start stretching out the skin. … Many people recommend steel tapers because they slide through the piercing easier. They’re slightly more expensive, though.

Then, how long should I leave tapers in?

Leave it for at least a couple of hours, ideally overnight. Later or in the morning, keep pushing the taper out and insert your sterilized plug with your clean hands.

How long should you wear tapers before switching to plugs?

Because of the fact that everyone’s body reacts differently, this answer varies. It is recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks in between stretches. This will give your earlobes time to heal up and become a little loose. However, we recommend that you wait 2-6 months between each stretch.

Can I sleep with my tapers in?

Thank you! Tapers are easy to knock in your sleep and you can rip your ear. Put in a pair of plugs. And tapers are only meant for inserting jewelry, not for stretching.

Why acrylic tapers are bad?

Acrylic manufacturers do not recommended acrylic for use in implantation, and piercing professionals warn against wearing acrylic in tongue or genital piercings. Acrylic may crack with age, which can lead to skin irritation, cuts, or abrasions when it comes in contact with your skin.

Are tapers bad for your ears?

If you’ve only recently healed from a regular ear piercing, you may want to start out with 16g tapers, just to be on the safe side. There is no such thing as stretching too slowly, but stretching too quickly can cause scarring, injury, and prevent ears from healing evenly and properly.

How can I stretch my ears at home without tapers?

How to Stretch Ears Without Tapers

  1. 1 Wearing Heavier Plugs to Make Ears Bigger.
  2. 2 Adding Larger Jewelry to Stretch Your Gauge.
  3. 3 Adding PTFE Tape to Your Current Plugs.

Can you use olive oil as lube for ear stretching?

Lubricant: You‘ll also want a lubricant. Olive oil is one of my favorites (it’s cheap and softens the skin). … Lastly, unscented vitamin E oil is also a great option (just go with olive oil or jojoba oil).

Can I wear spiral tapers as jewelry?

They are only for wearing in healed stretches as jewelry because they are porous and can carry too much bacteria. … In general, tapers are only recommended for wearing in smaller gauges as jewelry. Large gauge tapers will pull the ear unevenly because of the heavy side of the taper.

Does Ear stretching hurt?

The process of stretching your ears is uncomfortable and will cause discomfort although there are ways to minimize pain. We recommend that you stretch slowly and give your ears time to heal before going up to the next size. Moving too fast while stretching is a big driver of pain.

How many mm is 9/16 gauges?

Ear Gauge to MM Conversion Table

Millimeters(mm) Inches
14 mm 9/16
16 mm 5/8″
19 mm 3/4″
22 mm 7/8″

What is ear blowout?

A “blow out” happens when you stretch your ear too fast and scar tissue builds up in the hole. This can result in permanent scarring. Stretching too quickly can tear your ear tissue in half or cause earlobe skin to detach and hang from your head.

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