Who does Donald Pierce work for in Logan?

Transigen Project

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Moreover, how did Donald Pierce die in Logan?

While X-23 was fighting X-24, Donald shot Logan in the back of the thigh with a harpoon gun. He attempted to drag him away from X-24 with his truck, but was overwhelmed by the children using their combined abilities and was killed.

Additionally, how did Donald Pierce lose his hand? Taking someone’s hand wouldn’t be anything new for the clawed mutant, and — while it’s possible that Pierce lost his hand before the events of Logan — this Instagram post from director James Mangold suggests it probably happens during a confrontation with Wolvie.

Subsequently, how did Donald Pierce become a cyborg?

During this conflict, he battled Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Colossus, and when Wolverine nearly severed his arm, it was discovered that he was a cyborg. The Hellfire Club Inner Circle was eventually defeated and Donald Pierce’s whereabouts were unknown for several years.

Who is the villain in Logan?

Donald Pierce

Who killed Donald Pierce?

Linda Culbertson

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