Who has their ears pierced in BTS?

V, Jimin, and Suga each have 5 piercings. RM and Jin both have two piercings. There’s one member that doesn’t even have his ears pierced once. That’s the rapper of the group, J-Hope.

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Just so, does BTS have their ears pierced?

As of December 2017, BTS had a total of 27 piercings (!!!), according to an Amino post. Per the post, Jungkook had the most piercings at the time with eight piercings: Three lower piercings on each ear and two Helix piercings on his right ear. Since then, Jungkook has added at least one more piercing.

Beside this, why doesn’t Jhope have his ears pierced? During the live stream, j-hope mentioned his earrings and revealed, “It’s not actual earrings. They are ear cuffs. My ears?felt kind of empty so I decided to try ear cuffs.” … I’m the only member who hasn’t pierced their ears.” He explained, “I love my?ear so much.

Also to know is, does Jungkook have a piercing?

In BTS‘ acceptance video, Jungkook showed off seven piercings, revealing he’s added one more to his collection — a fourth to his left ear. Shortly afterward, he shared a selfie on Weverse that gave fans a better look at his seven pieces of jewelry.

Does Jungkook Tattoo 2020?

When Jungkook jogged over to his car, eagle-eyed fans noticed a previously undiscovered tattoo right below his elbow: a golden-colored eye. In footage from BTS’ 5th Muster Magic Shop: Japan Edition DVD that dropped in August 2020, Jungkook didn’t cover up his slowly-developing sleeve during practice.

Do BTS members smoke?

Although many fans believe that all members of EXO smoke, there have only been four members caught with cigarettes. … But in 2017 he was pictured smoking vape cigarettes while hanging out with BTS‘s Jimin and fans became angry at him for risking Jimin’s health.

Who in BTS has tattoos?

Only 2 members, Jungkook and Jimin have tattooed.

Which BTS member does Halsey have a secret handshake with?


What earrings does Jungkook wear?

It seems Jungkook debuted a few new ear piercings and he’s rocking hoop earrings on all of them. In a new selfie, Jungkook is seen wearing several silver hoop earrings and one long drop one. His hair also looks a bit longer and fans just can’t stop swooning.

Why do Korean guys wear earrings?

I think it’s because it brings out more of their beauty, there is some meaning from the earrings, it’s trendy… Personally I would wear them because I look better with them. And wearing earrings could bring out a hidden part of your beauty that you never knew you had.

Who is the skinniest BTS member?


Does Jungkook have a sleeve tattoo?

BTS’s Jungkook’s new sleeve tattoo explored

Fans first saw glimpses of Jungkook’s arm tattoo in January 2021. The singer accidentally unveiled it during the Jan. 19 episode of Run BTS! It was the first time that BTS fans got a clear and ~uncensored~look at the tattoo.

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