Why Does Demi Lovato have a stay strong tattoo?

Lovato got the words “Stay Strong” on her left and right wrists after she completed rehab for bipolar disorder, addiction, and eating disorders in 2011.

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Also know, when did Demi Lovato Get her stay strong tattoo?

March 2011

Also to know is, who has a stay strong tattoo? In the five years since, Lovato has accumulated 26 tattoos, many of which represent something or someone very special in her life. For instance, Lovato got the words “Stay Strong” inked on her wrists as a constant reminder of the love and support she received from fans during her stay in rehab in 2010.

Consequently, what does Demi Lovato lion tattoo mean?

intricate lion tattoo

Did Demi get a new tattoo?

Demi Lovato showed off a new butterfly neck tattoo in a selfie she posted on Instagram on Wednesday. The intricate black butterfly is on the right side of the star’s neck, and it’s believed to be her third neck tattoo.

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Who did Demi Lovato’s lion tattoo?

One of Demi’s boldest tattoos is this large lion’s head on the back of her hand, which artist Bang Bang inked in 2017. It’s a nod to her Leo astrological sign as well as her song, “Lionheart.”

What does a stay strong tattoo mean?

Stay Strong” with a heart on her wrists

She got this tattoo soon after she came out of rehab for her problems with cutting and bulimia and got it inked on her wrist where she used to cut herself. She says that tattoo is symbolic to her and she wanted to cover up her bruises and replace it with something permanent.

What does a lion tattoo mean?


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