Can I pierce my industrial myself?

You sure can. In fact, you’re at a greater risk of infection by piercing at home because you don’t have all the sterile equipment a licensed piercer has in their shop. A licensed piercer uses sterile, hollow needles that cut neatly through your flesh.

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Simply so, how painful is industrial piercing?

Industrial piercings are moderately painful. While they tend to hurt more than standard lobe piercings, they’re still much less painful than piercings on more sensitive areas. … The initial piercing pain is a sharp pain, like a hard pinch, and you may also experience some pain as the jewelry is pushed in place.

Correspondingly, can you get an industrial piercing without the bar? If it’s not a bar, it’s not really called an industrial piercing and you‘re left with different kinds of piercings. That said, only a bar can be used for this certain type of pierce. The good news is, you can find many different and unique jewelries to suit your style.

Moreover, how do they put in an industrial piercing?

The barbell is inserted into an industrial piercing by creating two holes with needles and threading it through. Because all an industrial piercing requires is two holes and a connecting bar of some sort, barbells can be curved, spiral, and customized in so many other ways to suit your aesthetic.

Is industrial piercing worth it?

Industrial piercings look absolutely awesome, but you have to take very good care of them. Cartilage piercings generally take longer to heal, and an industrial is two piercings rather than one.

How much do industrial piercings cost?

Although the industrial piercing consists of two piercings, you’ll usually only be charged for one. It typically costs somewhere around $30 – $70. As always, choose a quality piercer over expense.

Does Claire’s do industrial piercing?

Our ear piercing earrings are individually packaged and pre-sterilized at a state of the art facility. … There’s no need to make an appointment, just visit your local Claire’s Store and one of our Ear Piercing Specialists will assist you. …

Do industrial piercings bleed?

Bleeding may continue—usually intermittently—for a few days. Localized bruising is normal, though not typical for most piercings. Heavy blood flow or bleeding that continues for longer than a few days may be cause for concern, and you should contact your piercer or a physician.

Can I shower with my industrial piercing?


It’s perfectly safe to continue showering and washing your hair while your piercing heals. … Otherwise, simply take extra care to thoroughly rinse the soap and shampoo from in and around the piercing.

What else can I put in my industrial piercing?

Alternatives to an Industrial Piercing bar

  1. Anti-helix-piercing.
  2. Anti-tragus-piercing.
  3. Conch-piercing.
  4. Daith-piercing.
  5. Rook-piercing.
  6. Scapha-piercing.
  7. Snug-piercing.
  8. Vertical-helix-piercing.

Which ear is best for industrial piercing?

Most people’s ears are suitable to get an industrial piercing. However some people’s ears don’t have a prominent ridge on the upper part of the ear. If your ear has a prominent ridge that runs from the upper part of the ear to about midway then you should be able to get an industrial no problem.

Can I put hoops in my industrial piercing?

Straight barbells aren’t necessarily the only piece of jewelry that can be put in your Industrial piercing; you can even put a hoop in each piercing hole, or even two studs, as long as the barbell is the right gauge.

Can you sleep on an industrial piercing?

You want to avoid sleeping on an industrial piercing because it adds additional pressure on the jewelry. It will be more likely to have scarring if you sleep on it.

Do industrial piercings get infected easily?

An industrial piercing can describe any two pierced holes connected by a single barbell. … Cartilage piercings — particularly those high on your ear — are more prone to infection than other ear piercings. That’s because these piercings are typically closer to your hair.

What to know before getting an industrial piercing?

Don’t worry we got you, here are 5 things you need to know before getting an industrial piercing.

  • Anatomy. Before going in to get an industrial piercing you want to go to your local piercing studio and get your ear checked by a professional piercer. …
  • If You’re Sick Don’t Get It. …
  • Clean Your Ears. …
  • Reputable Studio. …
  • Be Prepared.

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