Can I put regular earrings in my industrial?

Common gauges, lengths, and jewelry: The most common gauge to get pierced with is a 14GA. … Straight barbells aren’t necessarily the only piece of jewelry that can be put in your Industrial piercing; you can even put a hoop in each piercing hole, or even two studs, as long as the barbell is the right gauge.

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Hereof, what is the best jewelry for industrial piercing?

Circular barbells, labret studs, and captive rings all work well in industrial piercing holes if you do not want to wear a standard barbell. There’s also a really neat piece of jewelry called a spiral that can be twisted in and out of both holes to wrap around the top of the ear.

Additionally, how much are industrial earrings? Industrial Ear Piercing – From $3 – BodyCandy.

In respect to this, does hot topic have industrial piercings?

Barbell Piercings: Industrial Barbells & Barbell Jewelry | Hot Topic.

Are industrial piercings worth it?

Industrial piercings look absolutely awesome, but you have to take very good care of them. Cartilage piercings generally take longer to heal, and an industrial is two piercings rather than one. Stick to what your piercer says in terms of when you can take it out, and add a couple of weeks, just to be on the safe side.

Is industrial piercing for guys?

Men try various types of piercing to spice up their looks, and one of the most daring and bold ones is industrial piercing. … A vertical industrial piercing can pierce a few different areas of the cartilage. Often, it entails a helix piercing and a conch piercing, two conch piercings, or the rook and the conch.

What can I use instead of an industrial piercing?

Alternatives to an Industrial Piercing bar

  • Anti-helix-piercing.
  • Anti-tragus-piercing.
  • Conch-piercing.
  • Daith-piercing.
  • Rook-piercing.
  • Scapha-piercing.
  • Snug-piercing.
  • Vertical-helix-piercing.

Can I change my industrial after 3 months?

When pierced properly, an Industrial is a fun and attractive piercing. … With proper alignment, balance, and aftercare, and Industrial will heal in about 4-6 weeks, at which time you can opt to change your jewelry style. If you encounter any problems during healing, you’ll probably need to wait an additional 2-4 weeks.

How painful is industrial piercing?

Industrial piercings are moderately painful. While they tend to hurt more than standard lobe piercings, they’re still much less painful than piercings on more sensitive areas. … The initial piercing pain is a sharp pain, like a hard pinch, and you may also experience some pain as the jewelry is pushed in place.

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