Can you get your ears pierced 3 times?

Don’t push yourself too hard; it’s okay to wait and finish your piercing another day, too. Most reputable piercers won’t do more than 3 or 4 piercings in one sitting. … For instance, if you’re planning on getting a line of helix piercings on both ears, your piercer will probably only do one ear at a time.

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Additionally, is it bad to re-pierce your ears for the third time?

The more times you repierce an area, the more scarring is likely to develop, and you could end up with an unsightly lump of scar tissue there. So, if you wish to have a pierced ear, it is advisable to leave in appropriate, high-quality jewelry until you are thoroughly healed.

Considering this, what happens if you pierce your ears too many times? An infection, allergic reaction, or removal of your initial piercing earrings too soon could result in the development of scar tissue, like a hypertrophic scar or keloid. Some people are also just more prone to keloids.

Also, how many times can you pierce your ear?

Whether you’re getting one or many, it’s a good idea to have a think about where you want your piercings on your ear. If you want the option to add more later, spacing and position are really important. Note: Most places will only recommend you do a maximum of 2 – 3 piercings in one session.

Are multiple ear piercings trashy?

You can look trashy with a single piercing to person A, while you won’t seem trashy to person B even with multiple ear piercings. … Anyway, in our opinion multiple ear piercings do not look trashy if worn nicely. Go for combinations that look good together, don’t just load your ears for the sake of trends!

Are multiple ear piercings unprofessional?

Are multiple ear piercings unprofessional? If you usually wear enough piercings to set off a metal detector, cut down to wearing just one or two sets of earrings at work. Too many earrings, as well as unconventional piercings, such as an orbital and forward helix, are not suited for professional workplaces.

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