Does Gemma Collins have a tattoo?

GEMMA Collins has had her lipstick permanently tattooed on to enhance her pout – showing fans the results in dramatic before-and-after pictures. The 38-year-old star had her eyebrows and lips done today, using the Gloss and Go procedure, which lasts for up to three years.

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Also question is, is Gemma Collins moving to LA?

Gemma went on to reveal her big plans to move to America, revealing: “I’ve never been to LA. “[I’m going to LA because] the cameras want to be on me the minute I touch down in LA, to follow me having a go at it [making a career in America].”

In this regard, who are Gemma Collins nephews? The reality star, who recently had a ‘butt-off’ with Carol Vorderman, looked stylish as she made her way out of Amazonico restaurant in London’s Mayfair with nephews Kane, and Hayden, 12.

Just so, what lipstick does Gemma Collins?

DIVA – LipstickGemma Collins Collection.

How did Gemma Collins lose weight?

Gemma’s largely attributed her weight loss to using the product. She previously wrote on Instagram: “Everyone has been asking ‘how the hell have you lost weight, GC? ‘. “Well, it’s all all down to Skinny Jabs and the amazing team there.

How did Gemma Collins become rich?

Gemma has had a successful year after reportedly landing a six-figure deal to become the face of budget airline Wizz Air. While she was also claimed to have earned a £500,000 deal with brand In The Style after the success of her meme clothing.

Who is Gemma Collins in a relationship with?

Gemma Collins is reportedly dating her ex-fiancé Rami Hawash – seven years after their engagement.

Is Gemma Collins a Millionaire?

GEMMA Collins is now a multi-millionaire and so rich she wears a brand new pair of knickers every day. The GC claims she’s worth £5million after being inundated with lucrative TV offers since catapulting to fame on The Only Way is Essex. She’s so well-off she’s even planning on moving to super-posh Knightsbridge.

Why is Gemma Collins so popular?

She shot to fame in 2011 after landing a major role on The Only Way Is Essex in the second series. Despite starting out as a car salesperson, Gemma’s popularity on the show allowed her to launch her own clothing line and boutique shop in Brentwood.

Who is Gemma Collins friend?

Big Brother’s Hughie Maughan tells Towie star Gemma Collins his fiance Ryan Ruckledge will have a baby with her.

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