Does Nordstrom do jewelry repairs?

What if my jewelry needs repair? We will repair jewelry within 6 months of purchase as long as it is deemed normal wear and tear by our team. After 6 months, a charge will apply for repair. Please contact us with your inquiry and we will tell you how to proceed.

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Herein, what services does Nordstrom offer?


  • Pantry.
  • Candy.
  • Coffee & Tea.
  • Gift Sets.
  • Luggage & Travel.
  • Outdoor Living.
  • Pet Accessories.
  • Sanitizers & Personal Care.
Considering this, does Nordstrom fix purses? Nordstroms: If bag was purchased from store, they will send it out for repair. … Bags are sent to their NYC repair lab.

People also ask, does Nordstrom resole shoes?

Nordstrom offers shoe repair services free or for a nominal fee. For instance, a heat stretch to loosen tight pumps could run as much as $15 but replacing the tip of a spike heel could be free, according to a saleswoman at the South Coast Plaza Nordstrom Salon Shoes department.

Can I take my ring to a different jeweler?

Basically, this involves the jeweler mapping out the locations and types of inclusions clearly on a piece of paper. … If the person-in-charge refuses to plot the diagrams or don’t want to take responsibility for the ring, simply take your business to another jeweler who does.

Does Nordstrom replace shoes?

Can You Return Shoes or Clothing You’ve Worn? Yes, you can. Nordstrom does almost everything possible to keep their customers happy, this includes allowing returns on items that have been worn. All they ask is that you treat them fairly and don’t abuse their liberal return policy.

How do you do curbside pickup at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom: Contactless Curbside Pickup

  1. Place Your Order Online. Visit to place your order. …
  2. Head to the Store. When your order is ready for pickup, you’ll get an email from Nordstrom with Curbside Pickup instructions.
  3. Let Nordstrom Know You’ve Arrived. …
  4. Pick Up & Go.

What is Nordstrom curbside pickup?

Nordstrom is offering safe, contactless curbside pickup for online orders as local regulations allow. * Just choose Store Pickup when ordering online to take advantage of this convenient new option. Curbside Pickup is located at Valet. *At selected store locations.

How do I exchange at Nordstrom?

If you’d rather stop into one of Nordstrom’s stores, simply bring your receipt and original form of payment and ask a salesperson for assistance. Make sure you bring your original credit or debit card with you when you make an exchange at Nordstrom—because that’s the sole way you’ll receive a refund for a purchase.

Can you get your makeup done at Nordstrom?

The first step is to make an appointment online or by calling your local Nordstrom location. Before your appointment, your personal stylist will contact you by phone or email to get some more insight into what you’re looking for, along with your personal preferences, likes, dislikes, goals and budget.

Does Nordstrom Rack adjust watches?

Nordstrom. Watch resizing: Nordstrom will resize any watch purchased there. Because of its flexible “happy customer” return policy, some customers report that the jewelry counter doesn’t usually ask for proof of purchase for resizing.

Does Nordstrom resize rings?

There are quite a few stores you can go to for ring sizing and resizing, such as Fred Meyer Jewelers, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Nordstrom, Sears, and even local jewelers. In general, department stores do not have onsite jewelers, and most will resize a ring only if you purchased it from them.

How do you get free shoes from Nordstrom?

FREE shoe stretching

Nordstrom will stretch them for free. Get them stretched while you shop the mall or leave them in the machine for a couple of days. You can still return a pair that has been stretched.

How do you get free alterations at Nordstrom?

You can also get free basic alterations at Nordstrom on regular priced items you bought from either Nordstrom or Trunk Club. Learn more about the perks here. You earn one point per dollar, and you can unlock Nordstrom Notes with those points (Nordstrom Notes are essentially Nordstrom gift cards you earn).

What is Nordstrom Product Group merchandise?

Nordstrom Product Group Nordstrom Product Group designs, contracts to manufacture and markets apparel, footwear and accessories especially suited to customer preferences.

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