How do you freehand an Inkbox?

Applying Your Freehand Ink

  1. Wash your skin with soap and water – wait for the area to dry!
  2. Put on your tattoo glove.
  3. Create your design!
  4. Let the ink develop for an hour.
  5. When the hour is up, gently wash the ink off with soap and water.
  6. Your design will develop into a tattoo-like shade in 24-36 hours!

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Beside above, how long does Inkbox Freehand last?

6 months

Likewise, people ask, is Jagua an Inkbox? Inkbox isn’t Jagua either. … Inkbox isolates the active ingredient from the fruit and doesn’t use the fruit pulp.

Beside this, can you shower after Inkbox?

Don’t shower or swim for at least 24 hours after applying.

Does Inkbox really work?

Do Inkbox and Tattly tattoos work? The “Blush” tattoo didn’t show up upon application. Later, it very slightly darkened. Inkbox: In terms of my moon tattoo, Inkbox worked exactly as it claimed to, taking only 15 minutes to apply and fading over the course of two weeks.

Does Inkbox freehand hurt?

But our designs? Painless. Whoever said “no pain, no gain” never tried inkbox. … Rock one of our designs or use our freehand ink to draw your idea and see how it looks and feels for two weeks at a time.

Is Inkbox dangerous?

I get that dyeing your skin with ink can be a concern but Inkbox tattoos have been proven to be safe. The entire product is made with natural ingredients and all other materials are FDA approved. You can rest assure that the application process is harmless and that there are no harsh chemicals to be afraid of.

Does Inkbox look real?

Compared to most temporary tattoos, the semi-permanent tattoos from Inkbox actually look like real tattoos. … That said, unlike most temporary tattoos, they’re fairly expensive, starting $19 for the most basic designs. But the catalog is vast, and the designs are pretty terrific, as you can see below.

Does Inkbox ink go bad?

We recommend using your Freehand Ink within 6 months of receiving it. Between uses, remember to keep it away from direct sunlight and fully cap the bottle (using the rubber tip included in your Freehand kit). Similar to our catalog tattoos, the ink won’t become harmful after 6 months; it’ll just lose potency.

Can you swim with Inkbox?

Inkbox tattoos are waterproof! … Swimming in chlorinated water will impact the longevity of your tattoo – so will extended exposure to water. To protect your tattoo when swimming, apply some balm (such as petroleum jelly) over the tattoo before hopping into the water.

How long do Inkbox tattoos stay?

1-2 weeks

What is the difference between Inkbox and henna?

Ingredients. Henna is a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis. … Inkbox is a plant-based formula and our active ingredient is derived from the Americana plant. Inkbox works similarly to henna, however it uses a different molecule to penetrate the skin cell.

Can you put Inkbox on your face?

We strongly recommend against applying Inkbox tattoos to the face, neck, upper chest, genitals, and other sensitive skin areas. The skin on these areas is more sensitive than on other parts of the body, which increases the chances of developing a reaction. Similarly, don’t use Inkbox as eyeliner or on your eyebrows!

How do you get rid of Inkbox ink?

Best way to remove any excess ink is to scrub multiple times with an exfoliant! While you won’t be able to remove it immediately, scrubbing with an exfoliant or a dry towel after showering will help it fade much faster!

What is the point of Inkbox?

We love hearing stories about people getting real tattoos after testing it out with inkbox, and our Custom Platform has allowed people to bring their tattoo idea to life and test out size, placement, reactions from others, and help them decide if they even want a tattoo at all.

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