How do you put a tragus earring in?

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Regarding this, how do you put a tragus piercing in a flat back?

Pull out a stud with a flat back from the back of your ear.

Press your finger up against the back of the ear, so that the stud is pushed forward. Unscrew the ball in the front. Once it’s unscrewed, push it gently towards the back, and pull the flat back stud out from the other side.

Beside this, can you put a stud in a tragus piercing? What Type of Jewelry Is Used for Tragus Piercing? Stud: Small and simple, studs are a great option for tragus piercings, which tend to be tiny. … Tragus barbells will be smaller than most. This is another great option for a brand-new piercing, as it’s easy to put in and keep clean.

Herein, how do you screw a tragus ball?

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