How do you unscrew a piercing ball?

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Moreover, which way do septum balls turn?

Wearing rubber gloves will give you grip and better tactile feedback than pliers. Place the threads on the ball against the threads on the jewelry and turn the ball counterclockwise until you feel a very tiny bump. Then start turning it clockwise. This makes sure the threads are lined up and avoids cross threading.

Thereof, why does my septum ball keeps falling off? When the piercing has healed, it’s easy to place oils on the piercing that would cause the ball to fall out. Loose clothing: the ball can fall out of any piercing. … You’ll find that anything under tight clothes will tend to rub on the jewelry and cause it to come loose.

Hereof, how do I remove a stuck nose ring?

A good way to help get out a stuck nose ring is to place soaked cotton against the piercing. You can take a piece of cotton and dip it in hydrogen peroxide. This not only sanitizes your nose area and keeps it clean but also makes it a bit easier for you to remove the nose piercing.

How do you tighten your septum balls?

What do I do if my septum ball falls out?

How do you tighten your septum?

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