How long does it take for a double forward helix piercing to heal?

about three months

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Accordingly, how painful is a double forward helix piercing?

Because a forward helix is pierced through cartilage, you can expect a fair amount of pain—or, at least, definitely more than a normal lobe piercing. … “I would rate this piercing a 5 or 6 on a pain scale, just because cartilage tends to hurt a little more than other piercings.”

Likewise, people ask, can you get a double helix piercing at the same time? First thing’s first: Yes, you can get a doublehelix piercing done at the same time. In fact, it’s recommended considering the healing time of cartilage piercings (more on that later!)

Correspondingly, is it safe to pierce your own forward helix?

If possible, don’t pierce your forward helix yourself or by yourself. Have a friend help you with the piercing. The forward helix, in particular, is difficult to get to, especially if you are looking in the mirror. This whole process is much easier to do when you have someone there to help you.

What hurts more tragus or forward helix?

Both piercings should feel the same. Personally I’ve noticed more people with thick tragus. Meaning the forward helix would hurt marginally less for most.

Can I change my helix piercing after 2 weeks?

No. Cartilage piercings, like a Helix, heal from the outside to the inside, so even if it, after only 4 weeks, looks perfectly fine, it isn’t fully healed. It will take alot of time. To prevent any inflammation, i would wait at least 2 months.

Are helix piercings dangerous?

The cartilage of the ear, in particular, can become susceptible to unique scarring, and in extreme cases, damage caused by a cartilage piercing can lead to permanent disfigurement of the ear, such as cauliflower ear. Don’t let this scare you from this super cute piercing!

How long before I can sleep on helix piercing?

In some cases an infection may be caused by sleeping on the piercing also. You don’t have to use a travel pillow, you can also just not sleep on that side. Edit: to answer your question OP, normally you should avoid sleeping on it for at least a few months.

How much do forward helix piercings cost?

The price for an individual forward helix piercing can range anywhere from $30-90, not counting additional charges for jewelry and of course, a tip; and of course, a project of multiple piercings will invariably cost more.

Does Claire’s do Helix piercings?

Yes they do, but they really shouldn’t. They only use piercing guns, which are not recommended even for lobe piercings but definitely shouldn’t be used on cartilage.

Which ear should I get a helix piercing?

Helix piercingspiercings that are placed anywhere on the upper outer cartilage of the ear—are often the first choice when moving from the lobe.

Which ear should I get my helix pierced?

You can have your helix piercing at the top of your ear or down a bit further. There’s a lot of cartilage in the upper ear so you have a lot to choose from. When getting your ears pierced, most piercers will prefer to make a mark on your skin so you can make sure about the placement before anything permanent is done.

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