How long does it take to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Pierce?

approximately 1h 46m

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Just so, how far is Fort Pierce to Tampa?

136 miles
Furthermore, how far is Fort Pierce to Miami Florida?
117 miles

Correspondingly, how far is Fort Pierce from Pensacola?

There are 464.51 miles from Fort Pierce to Pensacola in northwest direction and 559 miles (899.62 kilometers) by car, following the I-10 W route.

How far is Vero Beach from Fort Lauderdale?

113 miles

How far is Fort Pierce to West Palm Beach?

54 miles

How far is Fort Pierce from Jacksonville?

The total driving distance from Jacksonville, FL to Fort Pierce, FL is 225 miles or 362 kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Jacksonville, FL to Fort Pierce, FL is 214 miles.

How can I get from Orlando to Tampa?

To get from Orlando to Tampa, you can take the direct train, which takes 2 hours. The train makes 4 stops on its way and ticket prices start at 27 USD. There are 1 direct trains to your destination per day and 7 trains per week.

How do I get from Ft Myers to Tampa?

Tampa to Fort Myers by bus. The bus journey time between Tampa and Fort Myers is around 3h 43m and covers a distance of around 145 miles. The fastest bus normally takes 3h 35m. Operated by Greyhound USA, the Tampa to Fort Myers bus service departs from Tampa and arrives in Ft Myers.

How far is Fort Myers from Miami?

How far is it from Miami to Fort Myers? The distance between Miami and Fort Myers is 118 miles. The road distance is 154.5 miles.

How long is the drive from Miami to Fort Pierce?

5 hours

Mileage 139 miles (224 km)
Duration 5 hours
Seasons If Winter is not mentioned, the road may be closed during the winter. All Seasons

Is Fort Pierce considered South Florida?

Fort Pierce South

Fort Pierce South, Florida
County St. Lucie
• Total 4.5 sq mi (11.7 km2)
• Land 4.5 sq mi (11.7 km2)

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