How much would 4 piercings cost?

Typical costs: A body piercing typically costs $20 to $55 for earlobes, ear cartilage or cheek. A body piecing typically costs $30 to $65 for the eyebrow, nose, navel or nipple.

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Regarding this, how much is each piercing?

If you go for more complex ear cartilage

Piercing Type Piercing Cost
Earlobe (Pair) $20-$50
Conch $30-$70
Daith $35-$70
Helix $30-$60
Beside above, how much does a piercing cost in India? Desi Tattoos

They do tattooing and piercing at a reasonable rate. Their services include ear piercing for INR 400, tongue piercing for INR 1500, eyebrow piercing for INR 100, nose piercing for INR 700 and temporary tattoo for INR 200.

Also to know is, how much does a ring piercing cost?

If piercers charge separately, then the average cost of the piercing is $30 and the jewelry is around $10-$60, depending on the quality of the metal and the design.

What is the cheapest piercing?

earlobe piercings

How much do piercings cost at Claire’s?

Ear Piercing is FREE with the purchase of a starter kit. Starter kits are priced from $30 and include the piercing earrings or stud, and standard aftercare solution. Ear cartilage piercing is subject to an additional charge.

Can you bring your own jewelry to get pierced?

Can i bring my own jewelry to get pierced? There are no guarantees we will be able to use jewelry for a piercing if it was not purchased from us. Our recommendation would be to bring in your own jewelry so we can inspect it; it must be the correct gauge, length, style and material.

Does Claire’s do nose piercings?

For nose piercings we use only a Medisept Nose Piercing System, which too uses a single use cartridge meaning the instrument does not come into contact with your skin at any point.

Why are piercings expensive?

The prices are what they are.

Getting a piercing from a respectable, professional shop means shelling out some dough. Piercing shops charge what they do because doing something right isn’t cheap. … Sometimes, people assume that piercing shops are overcharging, so they head to places with lower prices.

Does ear piercing hurt?

While all piercings hurt, ear piercings are generally among the least painful types of body piercings. … Although you’ll certainly feel some pain when your earlobes are pierced, there’s truly nothing to be scared of and you can go into the experience with confidence that the worst of the pain is over within seconds.

How much does a neck piercing cost?

Generally, a neck piercing costs between $50 and $75 but can cost up to $100 in some places. The cost doesn’t usually include jewelry, so expect to pay another $20 to $30 on top of that. Don’t forget to factor in a tip, too.

How much does it cost to pierce your ears in India?

The earpiercing cost was Rs. 1100, including disposable earrings.

How much does a titanium piercing cost?

Metal body jewelry is generally slightly more expensive than plastic body jewelry. Surgical steel, titanium and niobium are commonly used metals. Metal body jewelry costs $15-$50 per piece or set, although pieces that include gemstones cost slightly more.

What side should a straight girl get her nose pierced?


Where is the best place to buy a nose ring?

The Best Places to Buy Nose Rings Online

  1. Claire’s. Giant accessories retailer Claire’s has high street shops all over the world – but it’s also got a great internet presence. …
  2. Body Candy Body Jewelry. …
  3. …
  4. Urban Body Jewelry. …
  5. Icing. …
  6. Lovisa. …
  7. Rebel Bod. …
  8. Bodyartforms.

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