How old can you be to get a tattoo in Pennsylvania?

Legal status of tattooing in the United States

State Minimum Age (with parent/guardian consent)
Oklahoma 18 (piercings excepted)
Oregon 18 (piercings excepted)
Pennsylvania none specified
Rhode Island 18 (piercings excepted)

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Moreover, can you get a tattoo at 16 with parental permission?

It is illegal for people under the age of 18 to get a tattoo. This legislation was brought in under the Tattooing Of Minors Act 1969. This is the case even if the minor is accompanied by their parents. However, teens can get inked in several European countries from the age of 16 – as long as they have parental consent.

Secondly, what states allow 16 tattoos? List of States and their Regulations of Tattooing Minors
Alabama Minors need parental consent for a tattoo
Tennessee Minors 16 and up can be tattooed with written parental consent
Texas Tattooing minors is prohibited UNLESS to cover an existing obscene or offensive tattoo. Parental consent is required

Similarly, what states allow minors to get tattoos?

  • Alabama. Minors must have parental permission.
  • Alaska. Must be 18.
  • Arizona. If a minor, guardian has to be present.
  • Arkansas. Minor must have parental consent.
  • California. Must be 18.
  • Colorado. No minimum age. …
  • Connecticut. Minors must have parent consent.
  • Delaware. Minors must have parent consent.

Can you get a tattoo at 13 in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania. Minors need the written consent and presence of a parent or legal guardian to receive a piercing or tattoo.

Can I get a tattoo at 17 in Pennsylvania?

Answer: In Pennsylvania, any person under the age of 18 years commits an offense if without consent of the parent or guardian tattooing or to create a permanent hole for cosmetic purposes by piercing body parts.

How can I get a tattoo at 16?

Tattooing and Body Piercing of a Minor – Requires a minor’s parent or legal guardian to be present in order to either tattoo or perform a body piercing on a minor under age 18. Requires the parent or guardian to also provide written permission for the minor to receive the tattoo or piercing.

Can you get piercings at 16?

– No one under the age of 16 may be pierced. – Anyone age 16-17 may only be pierced with written consent from parent or legal guardian and consent MUST be witnessed by the piercer (that means your parent or legal guardian has to be in the shop while signing).

Is tattooing a child illegal?

While tattoos may be widespread and openly accepted, it is still a crime to perform a tattoo on a person under the age of 18. This action is prohibited under California Penal Code Section 653 PC.

Is it illegal to give yourself a tattoo?

Licensure. States regulate tattooing in one of two primary ways. … It is illegal for a licensed tattoo artist to perform tattoos in unlicensed locations, such at his or her home. It is also illegal for a licensed tattoo establishment to allow someone who is not licensed to give tattoos at that location.

What is the youngest age you can get a tattoo?

18 years old

Are stick and poke tattoos illegal?

Are stick and pokes illegal? Stick and pokes are not illegal if they are done by a licensed artist. Many states, and countries, have differing legislation that controls the cleanliness of the work being made.

Can you get your nipples pierced at 17 with parental consent?

Many teenagers love the idea of body piercings, but in most states, kids can‘t legally get pierced without a parent or guardian’s consent until they turn 18. There are some piercings that no minor can get even with parental consent, like genital piercings and nipple piercings.

What piercings can you get at 14?

14 years of age or older with parental consent and proper identification

  • Earlobe piercings (no larger than 10 gauge)
  • Ear cartilage piercings.
  • Navel piercings.
  • Facial piercings.
  • Oral piercings.

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