How tight should a helix piercing be?

No, your helix jewelry shouldn’t be tight, but it can fit you closely. There should never be any pressure on your piercing caused by your jewelry. This applies to both hoops and studs that are worn in your ear.

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Likewise, people ask, what size is a snug piercing?

Snug piercings will typically be pierced with a 1.2mm gauge which is a 16 gauge. Some piercers will use a 1.4mm gauge for the anti helix piercing. It is best to ask your piercer for the measurements of your snug piercing so you can make sure you get the right size when you want to change the jewellery.

Thereof, do snug piercings heal? At the very least, snug piercings will take four to six months to heal, so it’s important to keep up with aftercare until it’s completely unnecessary.

Keeping this in consideration, are snug piercings safe?

Risks. As will all piercings, there are risks involved when getting a Snug Piercing. – There is always a risk of infection, even if proper aftercare is taken during the healing period. – The antihelix may also shift the piercing to another location.

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