Is Jagua gel safe?

Earth Jagua Gel is safe and natural. However, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon (think peanuts and strawberries). … If you are taking medications, or have known allergies, please consult your doctor before using Earth Jagua gel. Before using Earth Jagua, test product on small area first.

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Regarding this, what is the difference between Henna and Jagua?

What is the difference between jagua and henna? Jagua is a fruit based gel and henna is a leaf based paste. Both work by staining the top layer of the skin and fading away as the skin exfoliates. Both are all natural products that are used for temporary tattooing/body art.

Also, how long does Jagua take to dry? about 15-30 minutes

People also ask, how much are Jagua tattoos?

A: Prices vary per design, but on AVERAGE from and not limiting to $5-$30 (for brown and instant black henna) and $20-60 (for jagua and white henna) depending on different sizes, placement and intricacy of designs. Facebook DM/Insta message/email us for price enquiries.

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