What can you not do after getting your lip pierced?

During healing:

Refrain from using lipstick, lip gloss, and other lip products. You may need to toss any products that you use while the infection is active. Avoid sharing food and drinks to minimize the spread of infectious bacteria. Avoid open-mouth kissing and oral sex to reduce the transfer of bacteria and saliva.

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Likewise, are lip piercings painful?

Pain and Healing Time

A lip piercing is going to hurt, but it’s tolerable. Like most body piercings, the procedure itself will be quick, and the biggest concern will be the aftercare.

Also know, can you paralyze your face by piercing your lip? Your entire face or even half of your face cannot become paralyzed from a lip piercing. Lip piercings can damage mouth muscles and nerves as well as the ability to make certain mouth movements.

Also, does it matter which side you get your lip pierced?

Some like the idea of connecting center lip piercings to a piercing on the side for a bolder look. Piercings on the side of the lip are more comfortable for some. Depending on the person, a center piercing can take longer to heal than a side piercing.

How long after a lip piercing can you kiss?

Ideally, you should wait until you are healed to do anything involving fluids, even with a monogamous partner. You have an open wound in your mouth, so anything in your partner’s saliva or body fluids can more easily be passed to you, and your partner can also be exposed to your blood and more.

How long after a lip piercing can you give oral?

4-6 weeks

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